What We Do

Intrepid Media is a consulting partner, and we're different. We build relationships with the companies we work with, embedding our experienced team into your growing enterprise.

Use us as you need us, to get from Point A to Point B.

We're trusted. We're not advisors. We're not a CXO for hire. We work hands-on with your team on a project basis, defining clear starting points, goals, and deliverables. Yes, we have experience mentoring and advising startups, but this takes that to the next level, actually rolling up sleeves and getting stuff done.

We specialize in four areas

Product, Technology, Operations, Marketing & Sales

We perform three functions

Define, Build, and Scale

We act on three levels

Strategy, Management, and Resourcing

Who We've Helped

Automated Insights

• Product and company strategy
• Product build, rollout, management, and scale
• Technology and operations strategy and management
• Marketing & Sales strategy


• Product and company strategy


• Product build and rollout
• Technology resourcing


• Technology resourcing

24 Clients and Counting

We also have experience with large organizations, where we act as a semi-independent team working with the company on large-scale product and technology initiatives.


Part of the mission of Intrepid Media is to create our own technology, products, and organizations to further build on our startup passion and keep us sharp.


One of those spinouts was ExitEvent, (2010) which became the largest startup network and most widely-read startup news source in the Southeast.

Teaching Startup

More recently, spinout Teaching Startup (2017) serves startup education via written content, podcast, and video.

Where It All Began

Intrepid Media (1999) began life as a next-generation digital publishing company that included the first-ever social network for writers. Intrepid grew to thousands of members around the world, including New York Times bestselling authors, novelists, journalists and freelancers.

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