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while you were away
by charlene r. benson

I saw an old Chevy the color of your eyes
And ached to see you blink away the sunlight
So that I could catch their blueness full on
Locked there until you turned your gaze...

Suddenly in a swerve, I fought away my earlier
Reaction to "I missed hearing your voice"
And considered how much more intimate
the phrase than "I missed you"

Funny how you make me reflective
And wish for poetry to tell you more than I should
But I have never been able to catch and hold a color
Not like that blue...


Okay, she's from North Carolina but stop right there before you deduct the mandatory 100 IQ points. Thank you. When she's not working to support her music habit, she's throwing a bass around her body and beltin' out some blues. She'll hang up the techy job soon, though, to drive around the country in a motor home with her band, Blue Trick. When you see them coming your way, open your window and have a listen...

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the kiss
by charlene r. benson
topic: writing
published: 12.30.99


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