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the headboard nodded yes
based on the imperfect 10 poetic form
by margot carmichael lester

Sweat dripped from his chin, nectar from the honeysuckle
'Liebchen," he breathed, snuzzling her hair as her sighs flowed in and out of his ear like tides tumbling from a seashell

She licked the salty sweat from his neck, tasting the smell of the ocean

Sunlight traced a lazy, lacy pattern through the curtains and onto their bare skin --
Warm and slick except for the occasional grains of sand that adorned their bodies like sugar on Christmas cookies

The room smelled of Nivea lotion, lemongrass and private-label dryer sheets

“This will not be the last time,” he promised in a whisper, brushing a flake of iridescent shell from her flushed cheek
He traced her breast and her belly, an unspoken suggestion

“Really?” she asked

And the headboard nodded yes


Margot’s a content strategist and freelance journalist. She consults with and/or writes for businesses large and small, and new and traditional media. She’s also the author of four books, including Be a Better Writer: Power Tools for Young Writers -- co-written with her husband, Steve Peha -- won the 2007 Independent Publishers Association gold medal for teen/young-adult nonfiction. She is currently working on two additional titles in the Better Writer Series, one for college students and another for corporate employees. A Southern belle and sex symbol for the intelligentsia, she was born, raised and still lives in Orange County, N.C.

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the last list
by margot carmichael lester
topic: writing
published: 11.17.03

by margot carmichael lester
topic: writing
published: 3.1.06


tracey kelley
5.21.03 @ 3:02p

2 extra points for working "Liebchen" into a sentence.

margot lester
5.21.03 @ 3:10p

danke, tracey!

this form is fun because it forces you to do some whacky stuff within the work, liking using a foreign word/phrase and a nonsense word and polysynthia.

russ carr
5.21.03 @ 3:51p

Now, Margot, did you have the "based on the imperfect 10 poetic form" on there when you first posted this? And just so you know, a Google of "imperfect 10 poetic" turns up your verses as the top 2 hits... and every other listing is irrelevant.

margot lester
5.21.03 @ 5:42p

no, i didn't. but i got bashed in the critiques so i thought needed to point out that it's a particular format -- one that i use in my writers workshop that's based on one i picked up somewhere.

dana harris
5.21.03 @ 6:42p

Form, schmorm. It's just a good poem. Doesn't matter if it's iambic pentameter, haiku or hokey-pokey.

margot lester
5.21.03 @ 6:55p



robert melos
5.25.03 @ 1:56a

You've made me laugh. This is a good thing. Very funny. Kudos.

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