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numbness of heart
by watashi wa

I adopted your attitude
Of shrugging away my longing for you

I refused to write a poem
To acknowledge the feelings deep within

Till I could no longer hold back

So here I yield
In hope you will receive them

Into the morning sun my love vaporizes
A mist of sweet scent that envelops you
And I relish in the joy of giving you all I can

But I see you pull the coat closer around you
You sense the atmosphere different
And straight ahead you choose to walk
Not wanting to stay a moment longer

I watch you disappear out of sight
To eternal grief my love turns
The mist I conjured falls like tears onto the land
Then into the air they rise as mist again
And the cycle continues

Alone in the rain I stand
Letting the cycle and your coldness numb my heart


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samantha brown
8.28.03 @ 5:58p

I can relate to this poem...I like it.

watashi wa
8.30.03 @ 9:36a

Thank you. Glad to know someone does.

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