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the last list
by margot carmichael lester

The Last List
Margot Carmichael Lester

A guitar pick emblazoned with the JazzFest logo
Several photos, black & white and color
A table full of dead soldiers
A strand of Spanish moss plucked from her hair
Ticket stubs, torn just so
Directions to Howie’s scrawled on the back of an envelope
Her car keys, abandoned
A voodoo shrine cursing those who flaked
Red candle wax dripped and drabbed
A cell phone, face broken
Todd’s sunglasses, the original pair
A dry-cleaning chit
A martini glass crowned by her lipstick trees
Love letters, still tied with blue ribbon and smelling of Chanel Number 19
A ramshackle pile of CDs – Mem Shannon’s on the top
A few errant crawdad shells and one red bean
Bob’s copy of “The Confederacy of Dunces”, complete with highlighted passages
A business card for the daiquiri stand on Carrollton
An ashtray full of cigarette butts and pot ashes
A shirt purloined from the Rock-n-Bowl
One of James Taylor’s feathered masks, now unable to fly under Malcolm’s kinetic paperweight
The Yellow Pages, open to cab companies
Several condoms, unused
A mug of days’ old chicory coffee and an ancient croissant from a café in the Old Quarter
A traffic ticket, suddenly past due
A tin of crab boil
Three Band-Aids, and still not enough
A magnolia blossom, picked for her, now browning at the edges
A very large Mason jar filled with gin and tonic.
Her ring.


Margot’s a content strategist and freelance journalist. She consults with and/or writes for businesses large and small, and new and traditional media. She’s also the author of four books, including Be a Better Writer: Power Tools for Young Writers -- co-written with her husband, Steve Peha -- won the 2007 Independent Publishers Association gold medal for teen/young-adult nonfiction. She is currently working on two additional titles in the Better Writer Series, one for college students and another for corporate employees. A Southern belle and sex symbol for the intelligentsia, she was born, raised and still lives in Orange County, N.C.

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tracey kelley
11.17.03 @ 5:42p

Mem Shannon! Blues out, babe!

It gives me a warm, running melancholy to understand about 85% of this list.

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