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i give you god
by ammar khaleel

‘God is dead.’
Friedrich Nietzsche
If God is dead, then he had existed once before, and since his presence is missed, implies that he had represented or manifested his existence to us on a conceptual level, and that level was conveyed to us as goodness. The idea of goodness urges us to be better humans, and even more humane than we are now, therefore God represents humanity, or in his essence humanity was created, for humanity is morality, compassion, consideration, sincerity and forgiveness. Thus, God is not necessarily dead, for his spirit is in every human being, yet humans don’t always exhibit humanity, nor accept it, and ultimately it causes the death of God again. However, since the concept of God is as important to us as the concept of humanity, thus we can substitute one for the other, and even if God is dead or absent from our lives, humanity will survive and continues its struggle until we all are pronounced God like.

‘God created man in his own image.’
The Bible

Ammar Shather


I’m not a messenger of hope! Since I immersed myself in the study of Philosophy, I found new ways and venues to view and critique the world, life and each other, naked and free from any metaphysical conception. Some might think that my linguistic social construction is a bit radical, but it liberates me from my demons.

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dathan wood
12.8.03 @ 6:58p

I think you're reaching. If you really look at it honestly, the concept of God is just fear. The fear of the unknown and the fear of being responsible for your own actions. I think what you're really trying to say is that you're afraid that this is all there is. It's OK that life is what it is then you die. Who says we have to be part of a universal master plan? If religious people spent more time living their lives in the moment and less time searching for their role in the big picture, humanity would be much better off.

ammar khaleel
12.22.03 @ 1:28a

Hey Dathan, it would be unfortunate and sad to say that fear, espacially fear of the unknown, or fear of God is the only reason why we would get our acts in order and be civil towards one another. We are human beings and we can be a little more humane and civil if we only try, for God has nothing to do with us, for we are the ones who have to deal with each other not him. And whether I think that this is it or not, is to be discussed in a later time.

robert melos
12.22.03 @ 2:11a

Dathan, aren't we all responsible for our own actions? I'm not talking about wanting or not wanting to take responsibility, but actually being responsible for our actions.

Man, as a race, or invdividual, is arrogant. We claim to be created in the image of God, because we can't conceive of something that doesn't look like us or sound like us giving us life. Yet what do dogs think of in terms of God? And cats? Any sentient creature has some concept of something greater than itself, and I'm sure it pictures in its mind something that looks like itself.

PS. I'm pagan. Wiccan if you like, but I really practice an eclectic following of pagan paths including Celtic/Norse/Native American traditions. I believe in a greater power than myself, but also that I am part of that power, as is everything in the universe. We all exist as part of something bigger than ourselves, and our energy is undying, taking on different forms to maintain the overall universe.

God, or Goddess, more likely a power more different than we can truly conceive of being, does very much exist. Humanity as a concept, humanitarian feelings and emotions, are more questionable. I suppose they exist, but the form is less tangible.

ammar khaleel
12.22.03 @ 4:29a

Robert, I couldn't agree with more, that we are all part of that energy, just like little candle lights making the incredible sun light. The part from the Whole is all moving together in a harmony or a dance of life. The existence of a mighty being is unavoidable, but in our own terms and for or own sake, his presence should not control our lives. He doesn't want it to be that way, for he gave us the tools to live and enjoy life to its limits. God is watching, wanting and waiting, maybe he'll teach us something or maybe we'll teach him something, but either way, we are here right now, and we should'nt blame him, nor praise him, but just embrace him and accept him for what he is, not for what he could be (from our perspective.)

dathan wood
1.2.04 @ 12:18p

You can't be so general on this topic. Tons of people are violent and cruel. So no, not everybody is interested in getting their acts together and being civil. And no, Robert, not everybody is willing to be responsible for their own actions. We live in a pretty messed up society where a lot of people don't have to be either.

I'm all for the concept of a higher power and harmony. I think if people were smart though they'd start first with a harmony with the earth and worry about the universe later. Christianity to my knowledge is the first and only religion that never addresses respecting the earth. So, yeah, people need to live in the here and now rather than worrying about being a big shot in the afterlife.

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