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contradiction is the approach to life!
by ammar khaleel

‘There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.’

The difference between good and bad, right and wrong, beauty and ugly is simply insignificant, due to the relevance between the subject and its immediate surroundings. All matters whether physical or metaphysical are constantly changing, due to the way we relate to them in a particular instant, hence the change is essentially relative to our state of mind during that occurrence. Our perspective of a subject might vary from one moment to the other, depending on the circumstance, and as individuals we have various opinions regarding a subject, and most of these opinions are contradictory to one another, yet the notion does not implicate us as hypocrites, for in these contradictions we preserve our unique and genuine individualities. To be contradictory is to be human, for contradiction is the approach to the unknown, or to life for that matter, and since reality is simply an illusion and certainties are merely uncertainties, thus leaves us with reason which is besieged by our relative perspectivism, therefore our inconsistencies will ultimately accumulate to a constant, even thought we may not appreciate them, due to our primitive thinking, yet a pattern will emerge, proclaiming new human beings, that will evolve freely from all rigid conceptions.

‘There are no facts, only interpretations.’
Friedrich Nietzsche

Ammar Shather


I’m not a messenger of hope! Since I immersed myself in the study of Philosophy, I found new ways and venues to view and critique the world, life and each other, naked and free from any metaphysical conception. Some might think that my linguistic social construction is a bit radical, but it liberates me from my demons.

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robert melos
12.23.03 @ 2:35a

This is fascinating. Your concepts are similar to my beliefs. We evolve in spite of ourselves. I'm very impressed.

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