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eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
by jeremy mullis

I just watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. As an aspiring screenwriter (I know, who isn't), I was happy to see Charlie Kaufman getting another movie made. He writes movies just for me it seems. I heard the groan of several people around me when the end credits started to roll. 'That's it?', they seemed to say.

The movie by is not Hollywood in any sense. The movie flows more like a dream. The greatest gift from the movie comes from not the acting or the cinematography. Kaufman somehow made me feel and remember about all of my lost loves. Like the time I waited for the perfect moment and break up with my girlfriend at this romantic spot overlooking this lake immediately after the prom. Brilliance.

The acting in this movie is right on target. I feel the pain of the loss that Jim Carrey's character realizes he is facing. The movie uses special effects imaginatively and creates an illusion of memories disappearing from a person's mind. Jim plays it straight and is great. Kate Winslet is great as Carrey's girlfriend. Winslet is perfect in the movie. Her character is the ideal woman for 2004, the orange haired-eccentric-heavy drinking-potato artist slash hellcat who wants to have a baby. Her character is lively, honest, but troubled. The supporting cast is excellent. Jim Carrey only talks from his ass once in this movie.

Charlie Kaufman is a genius by the way. He is about the only writer who can get me to the box office. This movie is excellent. It has beautiful images and leaves you with a strange feeling about love. The premise leads to more questions than eanswers. In a minute I would take a chance to erase all of my wrong choices in relationships. Would you be willing to erase the memories of a person you loved even it meant that you would erase all of the memories that made you fall in love in the first place?

Charlie Kaufman is a genius by the way. He is about the only writer who can get me to the box office. Now go and see it.


son of a thalassophobic sea captain. arggh.

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watashi wa
3.23.04 @ 1:49a

Reminds me of the movie, "The Hours". While I understand every single bit of it and feel the pain of the characters, I got people around me going, "I don't gettit. What's that all about?"

tracey kelley
3.23.04 @ 11:12a

I was really moved by The Hours. The complex demonstration of simplicity was so intriguing.

I haven't seen ESofSM yet - debating, since I wanted to hit Kaufman with a shovel after Adaptation.

jael mchenry
3.24.04 @ 11:57a

This thing blows Adaptation out of the water and dances on its sad, conventional corpse.

Really awesome.

The people behind me were complaining that it was too complex. It's not complex. It's actually straightforward, just not a straight line. There's a difference. It requires your attention, but sometimes you need a movie to do that -- heaven knows most of them don't challenge you one whit.

mike julianelle
3.24.04 @ 1:01p

A few of my friends said it was irritating. They also thought Memento was irritating. I think THEY are irritating.

jeremy mullis
3.24.04 @ 1:26p

I went to memento with 2 people who freaked out and gasped every scene because of the way time was used. i wanted to walk out on them not the movie. Was I the only one who liked adaptation?

jael mchenry
3.24.04 @ 1:41p

I liked the first half of Adaptation.

There are people who like movies that make you pay attention, and people who don't. I don't like fucking with the timeframe just for the fun of it (21 Grams) but when it's done right (Out of Sight, Eternal Sunshine, Memento) it's simply beautiful.

Also the commentary on Out of Sight is great because it talks you through all the different things Soderbergh did to make sure you knew what part of the timeline we were in at any given point in the movie. He gives some pretty great insight on Ocean's Eleven too.

matt morin
3.24.04 @ 2:44p

I LOVED the first half of Adaptation. I hated the second half with every fiber of my being. I was mad when I left the theater that Kaufman could fuck up a movie like that.

I can't wait to see Eternal Sunshine though.

mike julianelle
3.24.04 @ 3:18p

You already probably realize this, But Kaufman MEANT to do that in Adaptation. Yeah, it kinda sucked that the movie went that way, and you wish he could've spun something more imaginative out of it, but he jammed himself into a corner. Whatever. I liked Adaptation, all the performances are great, but the end does suck some of the life out of it.

Jael, I totally get hating the pointless time-jiggering stuff, although I was underwhelmed by 21 Grams for other reasons as well. I gasped at Memento a few times, that movie is great.

Regardless, Sunshine rules.

jeremy mullis
3.24.04 @ 3:22p

I agree with mike about Adaptation ending the way it did. I can only imagine writing it was difficult for kaufman, but he really meant well. I think he did the ending as the twin brother would have and it was funny in that sense, but It was painful to watch.

jael mchenry
3.24.04 @ 4:43p

That's the thing -- it's almost the only way the movie could've ended, with conventional exaggeration and a sellout. But it's like those Saturday Night Live skits where the point is to make fun of something uncomforably boring. The sketch, too, gets uncomfortably boring after a while. And not funny! At all!

"Hm. I don't feel drunk." Memento RULES.

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