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by louise arnold

There used to be magic and science between us,
And when we’d touch
I’d know how stars were made.
Once there was fire
That climbed and coloured,
Bathing all in red and shadows and heat.
I’d carry your fingerprints on me all day,
And smile at the echo of their touch.
I’d understand those who carved letters into trees,
Or trawled fingers through setting concrete,
Or took ink to flesh and stained it there.
Let the world see
Let the world know
The magic we have grown.

We didn’t notice it fade.

And now we huddle by the embers,
And trace those engraved words with older hands,
And we smile softer, like mornings, or sunlight through trees,
And wrap our lives around each other for warmth.


A work in progress.

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tracey kelley
4.14.04 @ 6:06p

Oh my, but this is a pleasant respite.

Sad, though. Hope this isn't about you.

matt morin
4.14.04 @ 8:21p

I say this every time I read your work, but damn I wish I had half the talent you do.

tracey kelley
4.15.04 @ 12:26p

Isn't that the truth?

roger striffler
4.15.04 @ 3:54p

wow. Just plain, frickin' wow.

kalena miller
4.19.04 @ 3:19a

More in agreeance with the above mentioned comments...
Wow. I really like the ending lines. Keep up the good work.

dan gonzalez
4.19.04 @ 3:25p

I concur, and sublime is all I can say without defiling it. ;-)

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