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that dream i had...
by salvatore russo

I had a dream... that you were gay.

I had a dream... and it was true.

I had a dream... that you wore Birkenstocks.

I had a dream... and it was true.

I had a dream you went to Peace Protests, held up signs and were a douche.

I had a dream... you were a douche bag.

I had a dream... that I was you...


One of the founding members of Fight Club SF and still very pretty.

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dan gonzalez
5.6.04 @ 1:06a

Anyone who would protest peace would have to be a douche. ;-)

salvatore russo
5.6.04 @ 10:40a

I guess you would have to be ;-)

dan gonzalez
5.6.04 @ 8:26p

Nice piece, btw, simple but the subtle clincher at the end gives it a certain ambiguity.

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