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prairie is a god
by kalena rose miller

Prairie is a god

A hundred years formulating
the mystery of earth

A German immigrant
embarks on a mission

Sifting gold from
the black thick soil

Transformation right before
his very own eyes

The prairie must be tamed,
like the woman that he loved

Angel eyes and soft skin,
so deceiving of her true nature

The wild grass knew the secrets
of their souls,

And would not tell a word,
nor would it release for blood or money

Spring was fresh and real,
planting the dirt so black

promises of life to come,
green and lively so vivacious

summers came and went,
burned hot and sweated

worked under hot summer suns,
sometimes battled prairie fires

fall and falling leaves, crops
to be harvested picked by hand

followed by winter,
freezing mind and body

No longer able to work his beloved land,
and never one to be passive or useless

Full throttle the tractor was overturned
on top of the old man, stubborn and victorious

Generations would come and go,
and the legacy would live on

Pride, hard word, the bittersweet-sweet earth
pouring forth would always be thus


Kalena Rose Miller...poet dazzling DIVA goddess of all things fashionable and culinary but definitly not a Martha Stewart type, just a fun loving something of a monkey girl sometimes when having too much fun in the kitchen cooking experimenting and drinking wine she may dance on the table and get carried away she is passionate and alive above and beyond all things she is a poet she is herself she is living for the moment she is not crazy (just a miniscule amount maybe)she writes at midnight blares Dashboard Confessional and the Rent soundtrack she is living la vie Boheme and loving every blessed moment...

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a snowy day
(in the historic cathedral distric of sioux falls, sd)
by kalena rose miller
topic: writing
published: 12.30.99


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