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monsters in the process
meet the new swine, same as the old swine
by dan gonzalez

Hey, do you smell bacon?

I know I do. You can hear it sizzle, smell it frying!

There is but one thing that the tragic elder generation of boomers/hippies/yuppies actually got right, and it is that we gotta fry the pigs. The establishment is keeping us down, the MAN is holding us back.

They were wrong about every single other thing, but so what if they lied about consequence-free sex and drug use? The acid-laced heads of the Me Generation got this one crucial thing right, and even Nietszche, their obvious enemy, agrees. He himself said "A true philosopher of tomorrow must be opposed to all of his todays." In other words, progress requires that the establishment be consistently challenged.

Apparantly these days, 'progressives' are either asleep or in total denial. Either that, or today's pigs no longer know from whence they came.

Take Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi, who are doing remarkable jobs of playing progressives against the establishment.

Many people thought it was symbolic, brave, and patriotic when these good folks responded to Bush's requests for Social Security reform by lining up next to the statue of FDR. But we were not looking at patriots just then, we were looking at todays' swine, lining up at the trough for their morning slops. Those democrats are exactly as regressive and establishment-oriented as the hated Republicans of old, those that they once valiently fought in the sixties. Unfortunately for them, they were so successful at changing the system that they seem to have completely lost their bearings.

Their detested philosophical enemy, the above-mentioned Nietschze, also said "Whoever it is that fights monsters should see to it that they themselves do not become a monster in the process." Obviously, these enlightened flower-children were too immersed in Marx and Che to catch on to that one.

Ms. Boxer and Ms. Pelosi - who once attacked the white male pigs of old - are now a couple of latter-day Miss Piggies, bitch-slapping old Kermit senseless. The problem is, Kermit is me and you.

How sad it is when yesterday's Party of the People has become today's Party Against the People. I myself denied this horrible possibility for years, but the facts are overwhelming. Please, take a moment, to meet the new swine.

SOCIAL SECURITY SWINE: The democrats, perhaps because that useless porker Clinton only gave lip service to it without committing to actually do anything, refuse to heed the reality that it is DONE. FINISHED! Even they admit that they have no coherent remedy, just a vague and obstinate refusal to do anything beyond what was done in 1983. The problem is, we've had 32 of these half-assed band-aids since 1935 and they all do two things: increase the burden on the working class, and postpone the inevitable insolvency. That's right, they do not solve the problem of insolvency, they only postpone it. The only thing they can guarantee is that the next generation will have to pay for it, and dearly. But why? What is worth saving here? Social Security has never outgained an ordinary savings account, and it breeds irresponsibility in government and amongst the people. Consider, 1/3 of coming retirees have no more than $2500 in savings, and 1/3 have ZERO saved. The population has increased by 56% since 1960, but the numbers of people drawing the SS disability benefit has increased by 875%. This is undermining us, and not to mention our children, who will inherit the wretched legacy. And why? The ideological, cosmetic preservation of old-world social philosophy? Politecal convenience? INSANITY! But if they shall, they shall. The most severe grievance is their fascist refusal to allow voluntary exclusions for private accounts. That is the real doom-bringer, because if none of us try, we will never learn a better way. The closed system becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy: we are guaranteed to always be helpless and ignorant enough to need the swine to govern us.

CIVIL RIGHTS SWINE: Once upon a time, black females were the second-most oppressed minority group in the land. (The foremost being Native Americans in my view.) Now, modern piggies tried hard to block the vote, not the nomination mind you, but the constitutionally protected vote that recently approved a black female judge. This awesome individual represents their truest failure: an oppressed person who rose, not only without embracing their philosophy, but in spite of that philosophy. It is a sorry day indeed when the party that used to represent the boldest civil rights leaders in history turns a willfully blind eye to this jurist. What an unwanted reflection of their philosophy her presence must be, similar to Condie Rice's. So the grievous pigs attacked Janice Brown by saying she doesn't fully appreciate the New Deal or the Great Society. (The truth is that she intellectually opposes it, but black women are not be allowed to be smart unless they're democrats!) They called her viewpoint 'warped' because she didn't ride liberal coattails to the top the way Jesse Jackson did and does. This is pathetic and amusing, because no one of any intelligence appreciates the Great Society in any case, and what's left of the New Deal (detailed in the paragraph above) is imploding on itself. It is the dems who are warping reality for their own political survival, not Janice Brown.

HUMAN RIGHTS SWINE: Branding Gitmo a gulag was interesting, particularly coming from the 'independent' Amnesty International, who incidentaly donates enough money to elect 3 or 4 democrats for every 1 Republican. But it became hilarious when they said the next day that they 'didn't actually know' what was going on at Gitmo, the 'gulag of our times.' Here is a clue:

What happened in gulags: 25 Million Russians were exterminated in the communist cultural cleansings.

What happened at Gitmo: a couple humps were fed GI meals, a couple were sleep deprived, and one guy was accidentally urinated on because his cell had a vent under a grate where a GI took a whiz because he was too lazy to walk to the head.

Meanwhile, the scumbags detained in Gitmo, who were caught on battlefields killing Americans without uniforms and thus as unlawful combatants according to the Geneva conventions, and who have a demonstrated recidivism of over 50% when being freed, have Korans handed to them by white-gloved guards, have prayer mats, 5 recesses for daily prayers, and on average better food than our Soldiers. (Note: We don't even let our soldiers officially pray because the ACLU says we can't!) Hellish Gulag! DEATH TO AMERICA FOR TREATING OUR ENEMIES THAT WELL!

EDUCATIONAL SWINE: In 2008, for the first time in the history of this country, the majority of our college graduates in math and science are expected to be foreign nationals. How many lifestyle classes, social engineering requirements, or SpongeBob Squarepants videos lauding diversity do the corrupt @$$#0!3$ at the NEA have to inject into public education curricullum before we realize they're hurting it? The NEA's PAC spends 90% of their money electing democrats. Does that reflect the overall public interest? NO. Can that be part of the problem? I don't know, call me crazy, but at a whopping 90%, I'll take a wild, freaky guess and say YES? The liberals have bullied their carefully worded, 'non-religious' humanist philosophy into public education (while neatly side-stepping the gotcha on 'separation of church and state') for 65 years now and the results speak for themselves. It is failing our children, those same precious young ones who are innately tolerant. They are fortunate enough to have had a black male and black female Secretary of State in their lifetimes, but they have no idea what the term 'diversity' means, if it means anything at all, because SPONGEBOB and the dems don't bother to define it for them. They're too busy musically indoctrinating them with it in order to further their own social designs. SING IT AT THEM AND THEY'LL GET IT! Meanwhile, ten years down the road, none of them can read, write, do math, or explain the scientific method. Good thing they don't need any of that to be successful Woman's or Ethnic Studies Majors, much less budding Socialists. And isn't that the real goal of public education, to mass produce that type of thinking to build that ONE Great Society? We Victims Shall Overcome! All we have to do is get behind the pigs...

I'm done. There's more, but I've gone on too long already. There are Affirmative Action Swine, just ask Jesse. There are Healthcare Swine, just ask Hillary. There are even Google Swine, just ask the CEO who recently defended his practice of censoring adds against the above-mentioned Pelosi by saying "We don't permit adds that target people". Except, I guess, for all those ones they ran against Tom DeLay.

Bottom line is, if one wants to make progress toward a better America, toward a more tolerant, ethical populace, one only needs to look at what is actually preventing that from occurring.

I blame none of us for this, I respect all peoples' values and refuse to look down on someone because of how they voted. I, for one, am always convinced that I'm missing something, it's the only thing I've ever really been sure of.

But at some point, we have to find the real monsters and destroy them. We are spent to the point of exhaustion for fighting phantoms, when all this while there are still real beasts in our midst.

We need a strong Democratic party in this country. They have done a great deal, and it is none of their particular faults that they have sunk this low. It may even be sane and reasonable for them to cling to the antiquated mechanisms that they once used so effectively to fight the monsters of old, but the rest of us can no longer afford their delusions. They must now take a very careful, honest look in the mirror, note the upturned snout, the flaring nostrils: there is a monster there, and the time to slay it is directly upon us.


Maybe it's you, maybe it's Dan. Things aren't quite the way they should be. And now it seems Dan's peace of mind has come up for the bidding, and those that he respects and trusts must all have been just kidding. Dan's little world has lost control, but still it keeps on spinnin'...

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