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caught in the middle (music)
by delon a white


I'm starting off my first post as a torn man. I'm 37 which means I was born in the year 1968. I am torn between musical era's and what's safe to listen to. I was raised on real R&B, soft rock, disco (at least that's what played in my house growing up). I faithfully listened to The Jacksons, Tavares, Carol King, Earth, Wind and Fire, Beatles, Stylistics, DeLfonics, Wings, Phobe Snow ect ect. (many others) When I hit my early teens Hip Hop made it's way into my life full time with break dancing, graffiti, Run-DMC, Africa Bambatta, Kurtis Blow, Whodini ect. ect. So you see my love for music spans different era's. Yet now here we are in 2005 and alot of music thats out now has me wondering where do I stand? As a fan, I like some older and current hip-hop and mostly old-school R&B and R&B I grew up on. As a father of four, two boys 14 and 6 and two girls 12 and 4 I just can't allow my children to buy and or listen to most hip hop these days because of it's content. So I really can only play real R&B in my house. Trust me, I love the beats like everyone else but now I must tune out the hip-hop part of me. Some of my friends who are even more deep into hip-hop feel the same since they too are parents. A few are actually thinking of desposing of their CD's. Where did it all go wrong? My children outside of the home are exposed to rap constantly and that is the music of their lives so far. Trust me, I'm not advocating censorship. I'm just a torn man. One part still loves rap, the other side says NO WAY to my children. The rap part is still young enough to appreciate it since that's part of what I grew up on. The parent part feels mabey I'm getting to old for this stuff. What do you think?


37 years old, married with 4 children-14,12,6 and 4 (2 boys and 2 girls). Singing since the age of 9. Sang in different R&B groups in Boston. Now solo in Houston. Good friends with some of the TAVARES family.

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dathan wood
8.17.05 @ 2:00p

Where did it all go wrong?

It all went wrong when rap’s message switched from “fight the power” to “women are bitches and I’ll shoot you in the face.”

Rap really just got embarrassing, the beats are still good but the lyrics all sound like they were written by a drunk 12 year old who is angry at the world because he has a small penis.

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