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voice of truth
by gregory edward procopio

Is the voice of truth
Hidden in our youth
Or has the innocence finally died
Washed away in all the lies
They tell us to stand for what we believe in
That sanctity comes from within

There are those who can’t relate
Those that still breed the hate
Those who turn and walk away
Those who have nothing at all to say

We are creating a world
That is surrounded by hidden walls
Never letting anyone in
Never trusting anyone at all
Soon we will fall

We all are living separate lives
Trading guns and knives
The time has come for unity
If we open our eyes then we will see
That the future rests within our youth
They will become the voice of truth


I am just your average aspiring poet. I have been through a lot in my life and refuse to look back with any regrets. Life is way too short to be stuck in a rut. So shake off the funk and breathe in a freash breath of air. tomorrow will come no matter what you do. so be ready and take the world by storm.procopio@hotmail.com.

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