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by gregory edward procopio

Listen to the wind
The soft voices from within
They will be your spirit guide
Touching you in places that you hide

Paint a perfect picture in your mind
Leaving the past behind
Tomorrow will bring another day
As faith will lead the way

Have confidence in who you are
Inner peace will bring you far
Know that you will always have a home
And you will never be left alone

Like a blanket His arms will keep you warm
An everlasting bond you form
His love will encompass you
He is watching everything you do
Fear not for He understands
And forgives the sins of man
So carry on with this thought
And this life will not be lived in naught
For where it begins it must end
But in Him you will always have a friend

The End


I am just your average aspiring poet. I have been through a lot in my life and refuse to look back with any regrets. Life is way too short to be stuck in a rut. So shake off the funk and breathe in a freash breath of air. tomorrow will come no matter what you do. so be ready and take the world by storm.procopio@hotmail.com.

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