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walk the line
by gregory edward procopio

Walk the line
Sentenced to do my time
As I walk this road alone
All the things I should have known
The signs that I did not see
Have come back and they’re haunting me
Maybe somewhere
In the corners of my mind
I was looking
But did not want to find
The truth hidden behind the pain
As the nightmares come once again

But no matter

For this life is meant to go on
As I have breathed another dawn
I have come accustomed to the ache
Of the choices that I make
But somehow I have kept the faith
And I know that this life is mine
As I walk the line

The End


I am just your average aspiring poet. I have been through a lot in my life and refuse to look back with any regrets. Life is way too short to be stuck in a rut. So shake off the funk and breathe in a freash breath of air. tomorrow will come no matter what you do. so be ready and take the world by storm.procopio@hotmail.com.

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by gregory edward procopio
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