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another day
by gregory edward procopio

To much pressure
As I begin to break down
It’s getting so much harder
To keep my feet planted on the ground
Drudging through the everyday
With a high rise on my back
Sit here oh so helplessly
Watching my life slipping through the cracks
There is nothing I can do about yesterday
The choices have been made
Still I do my best to dream
As hope begins to fade
These decisions are not my own
As I slowly lose control
I grow weak and wearier
As this life has taken toll
I fall to my knees and pray
Dear Lord to give me might
Lay your loving hands on me
So I can keep up with this fight
Without you here by my side
My Lord I find it hard to carry on
Allow your angels to watch over me
Until I wake at dawn
I know that I can make it through
I just need to find a way
Pull my self together now
Knowing that tomorrow is another day


I am just your average aspiring poet. I have been through a lot in my life and refuse to look back with any regrets. Life is way too short to be stuck in a rut. So shake off the funk and breathe in a freash breath of air. tomorrow will come no matter what you do. so be ready and take the world by storm.procopio@hotmail.com.

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voice of truth
by gregory edward procopio
topic: writing
published: 2.17.06

by gregory edward procopio
topic: writing
published: 3.17.06


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