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by gregory edward procopio

So it has been written
So it has been told
Rejoice in the glory of His name
Rejoice to all young and old
The Savior Christ our Lord
Was sent forth to set us free
Sent to save our souls
Hoping that we will see
See the err of our ways
And make a change before tomorrow comes
God loves us all so very much
He sent to us His only son
He gave to us a choice
So be careful in what you choose
With so much at stake
And so much more to lose
Open up your hearts
To His loving hand
Open up your mind to Him
He will help you understand
Eternal salvation for one and all
Is possible to achieve
But only with His glory
And only if you believe


I am just your average aspiring poet. I have been through a lot in my life and refuse to look back with any regrets. Life is way too short to be stuck in a rut. So shake off the funk and breathe in a freash breath of air. tomorrow will come no matter what you do. so be ready and take the world by storm.procopio@hotmail.com.

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