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anna nicole drama
by dorothy m kyle

Well another night of the Anna Nicole drama, this time on Hollywood Entertainment. The big topic for hours “her Court drama over the $454 million, that she alleged she was entitled to from her dead husband, Marshall".

Weeks of Anna has really clouded what should be important, I mean after all exactly who was she, and what great thing did she ever do to earn weeks of air time in every fashionably way beyond the big (Hooters) that she had implanted and was a bleach blonde that slept with every one imaginable. I guess the only great thing she did was not have babies by them all.

Her so called story last night consisted of how great a drama queen she was on the witness stand as she cried out “Marshall told me, if I married him he would give me half of everything he had, because he loved me” never a word about how she felt about him.

The California judge, who couldn’t see anything beyond those big (hooters) that he wanted so bad to snuggle up to, awarded her the $454 million, as she tried so desperately to get out of California before the Marshall family tried to subpoena her on a counter-claim and by the way did serve her, she thought it was someone who wanted her autograph and it was the process server. So is she entitled to the old mans oral contract of her having half his millions? We will probably never really know and do we really even care?

Just think we have given this blonde “slut” more air time than Princess Diana, or Ronald Reagan and soon we will be driving down Anna Nicole Drive, somewhere in Florida, or Texas, to get our hair and nails done at the Nicole Boutique, and buying those wonderful stylish bras at the Anna Nicole Lingerie Salon, along with getting a make-up make over at one of those cosmetic counters in Macy’s called Nichole Smith Cosmetic Line. And being that she didn’t have off springs by every schmoo she bedded some company will invent a condom called the Nicole preventative that will probably come in every color you could possibly think of.

I don’t even feel bad for the baby (Daniellynn) she will have everything she needs and wants and Larry will probably meet a women who will really love him and be the real mom to Daniellynn that she probably wouldn’t have had if the bleach blonde had stayed alive.

The Anna Nicole after death drama was after all much better than any variety show that could have been paid for in any air time slot, right from the death of her son in the hospital, to where and who gets a dead body that after all will just be grounded anyways, and lets not forget where should we ground her and the drama of which country has the jurisdiction, to ground her. Oh yes and the drama to swab her to see who the father of Daniellynn is. We had weeks of airtime for that one, and then to notifying the public as to what time the TV conference would be for the BIG announcement. I mean Zha Zha Gabor was looking at new homes deciding on a new wardrobe. Ok, now we know all the facts, does this mean Nancy Grace won’t be spending any more air time on her?

I never even know Anna had a “mom” until she died and this women, who in the beginning of this drama looked like an Texas washer women, that hadn’t washed her hair in a few days, and sat in front of the TV for hours at a time stuffing herself with chocolate milk and Oreo Cookies By the end of this drama,her hair had been washed and styled and she actually had some decent clothes. Who do you suppose paid for those?

My opinion of Anna Nicole is a “wanna be” Marilyn Monroe, who by the way had much more class than Anna ever thought of consuming. Marilyn at least formed her own identity and for what it is worth, I think she actually died in love. Even after years of her death Marilyn is remember in a respected sort of way. Anna will never earn that right, in the years to come.

Are we ready for the movie that will be coming on this drama, and will it win an academy nomination?

Time will tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


49 yrs young, active Paralegal,reside in a small but busy town in upstate New York.

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