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mckenzie dreams
the analysis of a whole bunch of nothing...
by katie mcglaughon kilgariff

So, basically, here it is...After finishing a book that was along the lines of "The Devil Wears Prada" good that ended on a romantic-life high note AND admittedly watching too many "O.C." reruns I woke up having dreamt of Ryan Atwood professing his undying love for me.

Despite my married status.

Despite my have-one-child-ness.

Here's the thing, I'm a die-hard Seth Cohen fan. (That's Adam Brody for you non-O.C. fans- he would be the anti-Ryan Atwood) And honestly, in my mommy-brained state, I had to dive into an internet search to find out that the actor that played Ryan Atwood's name was Ben McKenzie. I mean, once I saw it was, I remembered. I even have seen him in another movie, "Junebug". So, I did know it, just needed a reminder.

You may ask, "Why is this important at all?"

I would reply, "I don't know, but it was one of those dreams that you wake up and consider for days that maybe it really happened."

Okay. I KNOW that I didn't somehow make it to California and show off my amazing sense of humor not-to-mention my fabulous sense of style (defined simply as very non-traditionally stylish...I am far too intellectual and cool to care about what you think anyway) in such a way that this McKenzie guy ended up helping me out of a burning building that seemed to be housing a movie premiere (sorry, I realize I didn't mention that yet), only to somehow end up behind me with his arms around my neck in that "I adore you so much" kind of way, whispering how he loves me in my ear. Right. Since this didn't happen and I know it didn't happen, I am not sure why I keep reliving it absentmindedly all day.

Considering many flaws that just don't work in this story. Like, what was I doing at this movie premiere? And why, if George Clooney was to my left (yes, he was) did I feel like Ben McKenzie was the love-choice of the night? Or, did he just choose me? Did I have a say in this at all? Had we known each other long? It sure seemed like it, it was a comfortable from-behind hug (nothing sexual implied- really). Though, I think that in real life he would only be able to whisper into my shoulder blades if he were to stand behind me. I'm tall. I am fairly sure he is not. But- I digress from my general digression.

I just love/hate when you have those dreams that seem so real. I think it usually stems from a night of a few drinks (enough to fall into a drowsy, dreamy state all night but not enough to have to watch the room spin beforehand or run to the bathroom in the morning). Mine always seem to have celebrities (yes, I am that girl) in them. More often than not, they are males who think I am fabulously cool (well, what can I say?) and beautiful. Lately, they always seem to be younger than I (but again, I am just getting older and those silly celebrity boys seem to stay the same age) and cute in a trendy, quirky, not really off the charts hot, but decidedly intellectual (at least for Hollywood, I guess, they seem to be able to read, maybe). I mean, this McKenzie, he graduated from UVA(if I recall correctly)before pursuing acting.

So, maybe I am fulfilling some silly fantasy about a celebrity loving me and me finally getting to go to some red carpet event? But could it be so easy? I mean, I am bound to be a little deeper than that, right?

Could it be that since I've been married I haven't been able to scar any boys' hearts by not realizing they were in love with me until it was too late and then ripping their hearts out because I am so cool and wonderful and they can't have me? Just kidding. Sort of.

I don't know. I just sometimes wish I could fall back asleep and see what in the world was going on with me in this other life that I seem to have. I also wish that I could get ol' Ben McKenzie to come up behind me and give me a hug/ whisper in my ear (just to see if it really would feel like that- quite yummy).

But instead, I'll go grab the baby and we'll head downstairs to our waffles while we wait for my real significant-other to wish us a good day of fun and baby things while he heads off to work.

So, really, Ben McKenzie, if you love me, I guess I'll have to say that I'm already taken. But I can always use a friend. Especially one that is handsome, well-read, and takes me to the movies then helps me escape burning buildings. Oh- and whispers in my ear...


Television (good and bad), celebrity gossip, drinking good wine with better friends...all of this intermingled with diaper changes, first steps, baby lingo and dreams of thinking of the next big thing. Or opening a bar. Or writing something fit to print and be read. This is me. Let's have a glass of wine and go shopping...

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ken mohnkern
6.28.07 @ 10:27p

Wow. I am so old. I don't know any of the names mentioned in this piece (except Clooney, who's as old as dirt, same as me).

robert melos
6.28.07 @ 11:27p

I know how Ken feels. Ben and Seth are the future of Hollywood, and deserve more publicity as the future princes of the entertainment industry.

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