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last man standing
our future?
by daniel william givin

Last Man Standing

We live in a time, that's so confused
The planet that supports us, is being abused
Heading for our doom on, the technology train
The lungs of the Earth, dying from acid rain
There will be no one left, down this deadly path
At some time only one, just do the math
Who will be the last man, standing all alone
No one left to love, in an empty home


If the last man standing, turns out to be me
I will turn my eyes to the sky, and offer God an apology
I will offer God an apology

We have our global warming, emissions from our cars
We have forgotten God, and worship man-made stars
The leaders that are chosen, promote endless war
Our lives are like a football game, we are always keeping score
Who will keep the tally, when the nuclear bombs explode
All those who are left alive, will carry a heavy load
No sun shines through the smoke, and most things are on fire
It was our pride and vanity, that lit our funeral pyre


The Earth will be so poisoned, one by one the remnants die
Who will be the last one, who remembers a clear blue sky
God will be watching, a tear in God's eye
We were given everything, I think God wonders why
We ate that damned old apple, from the knowledge tree
Thinking that the devil's lies, were sure to set us free
If I'm the last man standing, maybe God will send an Eve
If I say I will repent, I hope I'll be believed



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ken mohnkern
12.3.07 @ 2:42p

Reminds me of the book I recently finished: The Road, by Cormac McCarthy. (Maybe you'll like it.) Except in that post-apocalyptic future there are no gods and no apologies.

daniel givin
12.4.07 @ 2:06a

Just exactly what is this "empire of you crap"? Have you all lost your minds?

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