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your legend. big fish.
day in the life
by andrea augustine

There are no new ideas, there are no new stories, but there is a unique presentation in the telling of your own story. It's the way you see it, and try to cajole others into understanding.

My mother is the single most important and consistent influence in my life, and yet, the most frustrating kind of friend and influence I've ever known. Being a mother myself, I know that from the perspective of Mom, you feel the unending need to help - and in that help, hurt can result. In the past month, I've seen two flat tires, my third divorce, a budding music career, and the end of my time with a band. I've had two children to contend with, re-met my half brother (who I haven't talked to in 19 years) and am experiencing the end of "the visit" from my 'rents to help me pick up the pieces of my broken life. Enough, right? Not quite. To add do the mix, I've met the greatest love I've ever known and didn't even know I wanted. How's that for a big fish story? You can't make this stuff up.

What inspired me today, in addition to physical and emotional exhaustion, was the unearthing of Tim Burton's "Big Fish" from the glorious mess of my broken home. Being a lover of movies, I thought I would give it another look. This column is the result of the realization that we all have our own legendary lives, and the only difference between each of our lives is the path we choose to walk and the way we spin our own tales. Some chase their own tales. Some live vicariously. Some escape. And some stand in front of life and see it for what it is: a wonderful ride.

There's something about the southern drawl. Ewen McGregor mastered that in Big Fish. There's a melody to the cadence of speech in the south that makes just about any story worth listening to... it's like music. Danny Elfman captured the tone of the story in the soundtrack. Hit up a video store and check it out if you have the time. Drink a glass of wine, lay back and enjoy the fanciful tale.

But I digress.

Getting back to the path I was on before, I feel like I might be going a bit crazy these days. But how is one to deal with crazy happenings in life except to respond in kind? And getting back to my mother (who adopted me when I was three), how is one so close to me yet so unrelated to understand what she's witnessing? Ever wonder that about your own parents? I thought so. Maybe not on a grand scale, but just think back to puberty. I have a Phoenix tattooed on my breast bone that reminds me that with every obstacle and every setback, there's a fire and once it's burned out, a re-birth. A new chapter in the book of one's own life. And what do you want to fill the pages with? I know how I want my story to go.

So. People make movies about stories that twist and turn and people that take risks with the hope of a grand outcome (I have "risk" tattooed on my right hand and "hope" on the left, by the way). Seeing as I'm not a known person, I'll write my own story and fill my pages with what I will. "Big Fish" makes me believe that no matter what happens, it will be a great life with a little bit of luck.

And with that, I wish you luck in your own life.


Andrea Augustine, of Bloomington IN, by way of Boston, MA by way of Cape Cod, MA feels an affinity with the song "I've Been Everywhere" by Geoff Mack. She is a working musician, mother, and now a pseudo-writer. She will be recording her first solo album "I Got Nothing" in September, and hopes someone somewhere will like it. If you want to know more go to her MySpace page: www.myspace.com/andreaaugustine or here: Andrea Fiedler's Facebook profile

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andrea augustine
3.7.08 @ 3:08p

Nothing to say, but KRAE.... MER.

andrea augustine
3.7.08 @ 3:09p

Just finished painting. Big fucking fish.


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