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what dreams may come?
do you dare?
by andrea augustine

(Warning: a few spoilers ahead)

I had a nervous breakdown two weeks ago. Two children, three divorces (one still pending), a budding career in front of me ... it was all more than I could think about ... more than I could consider. My mind raced on how to solve problems and how to live through a very difficult time in my life. There were many more contributing factors, but those were the three major ones that led me to spinning out of control. I couldn’t stop thinking, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep. Nothing helped. My mind’s answer was this: to shut me down enough to recover some clarity. So it did, and I ended up in the hospital a number of times. I put out calls to all my friends, family, doctors, and a new friend in N.Y.C. for help. Then I waited while no one came except for the paramedics.

In my recovery, I did what I always do. I turned to painting, music, and movies. I turned on "What Dreams May Come". This movie, directed by Vincent Ward and written by Richard Matheson and Ronald Bass is a visual marvel. Even without sound, one can enjoy what can only be called a painted film. The effects are timeless and by that I mean that in 30, 50, 100 years with advancing technology, I feel certain that this movie could be viewed and enjoyed without screaming "circa 1998". It brought my mind so much ease just by being colorful and beautiful to look at.

For those who don’t know the story, it’s a story of death, loss, love, adventure, and eventual happiness and joy found through self realization and love. It’s not a story for the moment, it’s a story to be taken in and pondered, much like life. It’s a story one must view alone, and if at all possible, again with someone you truly love. That’s just what I did, and somehow, it brought me through.

In the beginning, there are deaths ... most interestingly, the main character, Chris Neilson (played by Robin Williams) dies. What a way to start, huh? And in that death, suddenly we’re taken on a journey of awakening. I took this metaphorically into my own life with the death of my old self (pre-breakdown) and the birth of a new self (now). We all can relate, I’m sure. Through paint, heaven is revealed to Chris Neilson. The dream only becomes real later, when he discovers that when he’s ready, he can solidify his surroundings by solidifying his own ideas and sense of self. I’m still in the dreaming stage. Most people linger here for the duration. A few make the leap. A few don’t even dare to dream.

It’s what comes next that makes this legendary. I could tell you the rest of the story ... the hell and the heaven, the joy and the tears, but really, what I took away from this movie is: Dare to dream. Love completely. Take a journey. Discover self. Discover the world. Discover. Who knows what you’ll find? What Dreams May Come?


Andrea Augustine, of Bloomington IN, by way of Boston, MA by way of Cape Cod, MA feels an affinity with the song "I've Been Everywhere" by Geoff Mack. She is a working musician, mother, and now a pseudo-writer. She will be recording her first solo album "I Got Nothing" in September, and hopes someone somewhere will like it. If you want to know more go to her MySpace page: www.myspace.com/andreaaugustine or here: Andrea Fiedler's Facebook profile

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ammar khaleel
3.21.08 @ 11:31p

“To sleep, perchance to dream. Ay, there’s the rub, for in that sleep of death what dreams may come.” Shakespeare

Andrea I couldn’t agree more with you about how visually pleasant the movie is; great store, cast, music and of course the visual element. However, I highly recommend reading the book too. I read the book first before watching the movie and it was one of my favorite books (many years), but now that I have indulged myself in studying philosophy the book comes up way short. Nonetheless, it’s worth reading.

Ammar K.

andrea augustine
3.25.08 @ 3:08p

I'll go on Amazon and find it. I really love to read... I know I would like it.
Ammar K. Pleased to meet you!

ammar khaleel
3.26.08 @ 2:10a

I’m pleased to meet you too Andrea; I’m sure that you’d love the book, however you got be careful not to compare it to the movie. Unfortunately, for me such books don’t stimulate me anymore. It’s a price I pay to be me.

andrea augustine
3.26.08 @ 2:01p

Tastes change over time, don't they? I used to hate ice cream. Now I love it. I'm sure there are other things out there to try that I thought I hated. I will be sure not to compare it to the movie to the best of my ability. ;-)

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