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john holland
music for the future.
by andrea augustine

I've been playing music all my life. I've been fortunate to work and play with some of the best... World class musicians like Johnny Vidacovich, New Orleans Drummer and founder of Astral Project, and have been so blessed to be able to do what I love for living. Not a day goes by that I'm not thankful.

That being said, the single best all around musician I've ever worked with is John Holland. If you're curious, go to his MySpace page : John Holland's Site . You will hear a song that took this man 5 minutes to write while eating at the Tripple X Drive in (a diner that has been featured on the Food Network) located in West Lafayette, Indiana. It's Called Circles of Stone. John began playing the Highland Bagpipes at the age of 21. He's 30 now, and has won many accolades in the Piping community that include "Piper of the Day" at the Kentucky Highland Games in 2005, "Piper of the Day" at the Alma Highland Games in 2005, and is Grade 1 Solo competition. He was also the Pipe Band Leader of the North Coast Grade 2 Pipe Band. John works with many artists and has enjoyed the honor of sharing the stage with Bonnie Rideout, and Jerry O'Sullivan while with the North Coast Pipe Band. Up until recently, he was the Pipe Major of the Cyril Scott Pipe Band.

In addition to playing music, John's a recent songwriter. We (and I say we because he and I are self-produced and self-marketed musicians) have co-written songs and performed our own songs and co-writes live on WIUX 99.1 FM Student Radio in Bloomington, IN. on "The Evening Hour" hosted by Eric Radoux . John is also known and respected for his improvisational skills showcased on every instrument he plays (Uillean Pipes...the instrument you heard in Titanic, Tin Whistles, vocals that resemble a gentler Neil Young, and Mandolin). He began playing Mandolin and Uillean Pipes in December of 2007 and performs both these instruments in professional settings.

I've witnessed John pick up an instrument he's never played before and not only figure it out, but also extract the beauty of the sound, and master it in a matter of minutes. This is the genius that John Holland possesses. Yes, he's a friend of mine, yes, he's a music buddy, and yes, I may be biased in my awe of him, but I am most certainly NOT alone in this awe. Ask any fan of Mother Grove, the band he's blessed with his playing for the past two years, or, for that matter, ask any of their members (I did a short stint with them while their resident fiddle player took a needed personal break) and they will tell you the same story I am right now. They feel blessed to play with him as well. They have given him wonderful material to work with. Mother Grove's Page

I wanted to take this time to bring him to your attention because there isn't enough truly beautiful music out there, and there's no one like John Holland when it comes to presenting a quality representation of the beauty of sound that floats around us unheard until a musical genius such as he gives it a voice. Please look out for him in the future. He'll be coming into focus within a year. I know this because once this man gets his music and voice honed and presented to the masses, few will tune him out... Some may not get it, but the respect for his talent will win many.


Andrea Augustine, of Bloomington IN, by way of Boston, MA by way of Cape Cod, MA feels an affinity with the song "I've Been Everywhere" by Geoff Mack. She is a working musician, mother, and now a pseudo-writer. She will be recording her first solo album "I Got Nothing" in September, and hopes someone somewhere will like it. If you want to know more go to her MySpace page: www.myspace.com/andreaaugustine or here: Andrea Fiedler's Facebook profile

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andrea augustine
4.14.08 @ 1:28a

The last two links take you away from the page. Somehow I will fix this.

reem al-omari
4.28.08 @ 7:07p

It's good to know who musicians admire and think are worth listening to. You always hear an analysis and opinion of listeners, or critics, but never from actual musicians in the same boat as the person they're recommending and analyzing. Pretty cool.

adam kraemer
4.29.08 @ 7:52a

this is andrea augustine, by the way, I happen to be in NY visiting and on Kraemer's computer. I didn't realize I was logged in as him..... *muffled cursing*

So that being said. I really feel that through a gentile (or sometimes not so gentile) critique, we can all help one another to listen to things that they may like or warn them away from things they don't... my goal through these columns is to do so gently enough that people will form their own opinions once they get there... the whole "lead a horse to water" thing...

Thanks for the thoughts, Reem. He really is a grand musician, and I'll let you know when our first album comes out (he and I have some plans to work together in the future).



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