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the sweet spot
what's better than sweet?
by joe redden tigan

A life is improved forever by hitting a golf ball successfully. This requires finding the sweet spot. The term “sweet spot” is a monumental understatement though, and golfers need to find a more accurate way of describing this semi-mythic area, this area on the face of a golf club that makes people ecstatic. True, it is difficult to express the particular vibe that comes from achieving 100% connection between the face of a golf club and a golf ball, that which sends said ball on the most highly desired path where it stays and then completes, all as the golfer had envisioned. Difficult to express the accomplishment, and the rapture. But “sweet spot”? Some golfers have offered “the g-spot” or “my o-zone” of course since the feeling is without a doubt akin to sexual climax: the unique build up prior to; taking your best shot at it, so to speak; feeling like an electrified pillar with limbs, for example, during; resting assured that you are capable of achieving anything else after. But it’s still different. And while sexual congress might be close, “sweet” (would anyone want their top-shelf love slam to be described as “sweet”?) in almost no way conveys the overwhelming torrent of physical accomplishment and emotional fulfillment that a golfer will pose awash in as he holds his follow-through and gazes at his ball, realizing he has a well-struck ball in the air. Attentive understates, grossly, the golfer with a well-struck ball in the air. Maybe because the threat of it not happening is so absurdly abundant. That a clubface and ball can impact each other, with you at the helm, so as to render your body a small orchestra made up only of woodwinds as they find harmony is astonishing. A second, larger helping of astonishment comes when a ball can then be set afloat up in the sky after a breathtaking rise from its initial cannonade acceleration, there’s that second booster propulsion, just look at it, then head either slightly left or slightly right depending on the spun action that is based on the golfer’s individual swing, which is a mark of his individuality—the swing of the club and resulting flight path of the golf ball. These things cannot be replicated in any other way in the entire world. That’s a natural fact. Even the good to great golfer never experiences the same well-struck ball twice. The perfectly launched golf ball is the stunning disclosure of revelation combined with the tangible proof of a bridge. Life becomes deeply enriched by having hit a golf ball perfectly. It swells inside the golfer to carry that experience in his heart for months and, inevitably, it brings him back to golf, sooner or later, with sooner probably winning out. The golfer needs to describe the part of the clubface that can do this as something far more than something “sweet.” Even if the shot is achieved purely by accident.


Joe Redden Tigan’s first novel does not have enough commas. It says so right there in the Foreword magazine review. Despite that, Waggle was bumped to iUniverse's Star Book program and is currently being considered for an Independent Publisher’s Book Award.

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