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a walk in the park
some thoughts on the last day of spring
by ferrell rosser

The other day I went to a park here in Colorado Springs to take a walk. The park is only a couple of years old, but Id never been before. I finally went, one Saturday, just before the sun set behind the Front Range Mountains. When I got there, I heard tome music coming from a stage set up at the main entrance: a party was just winding down; the music was great. America the Beautiful Park isnt very big, but it is pleasant if you overlook the delayed construction. I walked around the pathways, admired the little ponds and the many benches. The lawns were well-kept and looked perfect for picnics or an impromptu Frisbee game. The flower plots were just beginning to bloom, but the huge, Stargate-like Julie Penrose Fountain hadnt been turned on yet, the next day being the first day of summer. The view of Pikes Peak was only a little obscured by the foliage along the little river. Unlike in recent years, this little river was fairly full, running through the middle of town like a real river should, not like the anemic trickle it usually is.
As I walked along the path, I had to take a detour around some unfinished construction; I wondered when the city could afford to finish it, Colorado Springs not being immune to the current epidemic of financial woes plaguing the country. As I reached the point where the path ran under the bridge, I noticed items up under the bridge; a mattress peeking out between the rocks, plastic bags stuffed into the spaces between the concrete abutments of the structure. I realized that people lived there. Emerging from under the bridge, I decided to turn around and wander back to the park proper. After walking back under the bridge, I turned off the pavement and onto a gravel path overlooking the riverbanks. As I walked along, I took in the scene; Ive always enjoyed the peacefulness of rivers. However, as I walked above the rivers banks, I noticed make-do shelters, tents, and lean-tos; in a word, hovels. As I looked at them, I finally noticed what the MC was saying; they were having a fund-raiser for Lupus. The pleasant walk next to the calming riverscape had suddenly turned into a sad commentary on life at the end of the first decade of the 21st century.
Homelessness that I had only before seen in old black-and-white photos from the Great Depression; community driven funding for disease research; simple landscaping of city parks going undone due to a lack of funds; The last day of spring 2009, in Colorado Springs, had a beautiful sunset over the mountains and a gorgeous looking landscape, but it concealed a bitter truth: with all our advancements over the last eighty years, we are once again on the brink of disaster. Lets hope we dont blindly fall off the precipice.


I'm a young grandfather, amateur writer, college graduate, and enjoy reading all sorts of things. I have strong opinions, but am willing to change my mind if presented with compeling facts, however, not just someone elses' opinion.

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