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cheeky little ankle biters
marketingsmack continues
by jack perez

A few weeks back, my almost seven year old got in this "I need a bunny" kick. It was life or death and for days he relentlessly, without the aid of collateral and a website, expounded on the virtues of this purchase. I was 'featured' and 'benefited' to death.

Feature: "It can use the same litter box as the cats."

Benefit: "No additional work for you, Mama."

It was also round the clock - lets 'make-a-deal time'. Classic over-promise/under deliver, sell your soul to the devil type behavior. "If I get a bunny I'll be good for the rest of the summer." When that wasn't accepted, he upped the ante. In true hard-wired salesperson style, he had no problems changing the terms of the contract. "OK, I'll be good for the REST of my LIFE."

Now we're talking. Tempting to say the least.

I am the biz dev person for my company. Bluntly put, I am in sales. It says so, right on my card 'Market Builder' (fancy, innocuous term for 'I want to sell you our services.') It occurs to me that I am not that dissimilar in my approach. Ok, ok, I try not to make 'life-time' promises to clients but there is something to be said about not giving up.

Once you are clear on your service/product offering and have identified those in your market who would best be served by them, then a little tenacity and creativity can make all the difference. That being said, figuring out when to 'take NO for an answer' is valuable as well.

Luckily for me my son's loyalty to a particular product is whimsical at best. He's hopped on over to negotiating life-time behavioral changes for Super Mario Figures. Kid's got a future - if his employer can just keep him focused.


Jack is a business owner, martial artist, mother of a rock star son and an intensity junkie. Jack's company, Summit Strategy Partners aligns marketing strategies to meet coroporate objectives. While this may not sound sexy - it is. What's sexier than success?

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russ carr
8.6.09 @ 2:45p

Selling to the salesman is always difficult, particularly when one of the parties is a professional (ie, a small child). Nowhere is this more true than during potty training, during which a parent will, in all earnestness, make promises that even a politician wouldn't touch.

My four-year-old could sell honey to bees.

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