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virgin experience
additional marketingsmack
by jack perez

This past weekend a very persuasive friend of mine convinced me to participate in my FIRST triathlon - the 'Goofus Triathlon Challenge'.

A swim across a pond with a creatively named floatie - which I appropriately named 'Virgin Experience'; a three mile trail run; an eight mile bike ride which includes a mandatory stop at a local ice cream institution where you muse eat a full-cream ice cream cone while rocking in a chair on their porch; the ride back; and another one mile run which culminates in a jump into the pond.

Sounds easy enough.

Up until the morning of the 'race' I had not been on a bike in 16 years, since I rode my bicycle Dagny to work at HP in Roseville, CA. I know, I know the old adage - and thank goodness it is true. But, times have changed in bike-land. As I stood on my friend's cul-de-sac getting the 30 second gear lesson, all I could hear were the voices in my own anxiety-ridden head. How was I going to get on and off the bike? How was I going to NOT get hit by a car? How was I going to NOT get lost?

I completed it, despite the many, ride-on-the-brakes-I'm-going-too-fast-and-going-to-die moments. Not to mention the times where the gears would shift willy-nilly and my feet would fly off the pedals. The univers's comic relief. Needless to say I ws last. But, I completed it.

Isn't that the point sometimes?

How many times have we been in a situation where we're uncertain? Where we have to 'perform' but are unsure of how it will all come together? Sure, we can beta test, perform clincial trials, train and rehearse - but undoubtedly there comes a moment when an opoortunity presents itself and we don't have time for preparation and a 'go/no-go' decision has to be made. Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor - not in play, not in work.


Jack is a business owner, martial artist, mother of a rock star son and an intensity junkie. Jack's company, Summit Strategy Partners aligns marketing strategies to meet coroporate objectives. While this may not sound sexy - it is. What's sexier than success?

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