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let's talk about power
by ikpe uno (@Ikpe_Uno)

The "Concise Oxford English dictionary" (2004) 11 (OUP), p.1125 has six definitions of power: to do with; Ability, Influence, Right, Strength, Energy, Rate of work, Rate of Multiplication.

But we humans have never been good at listening, so to us what makes power important or gives it meaning is awe and fear: so it is agreed by conventional sensibility that power is making things happen that would not otherwise have happened.

Still feeling as though you are bugged down and pulled behind so that such a time might approach as you may see no reason to endanger others by proceeding with the best of you or your career over there?


Ikpe Uno is a UK Government High Diplomat. An intelletcual property Author who trades and sells Equities and Securities from his Office via his books.

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