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preparing for the end of the recession
by ikpe uno (@Ikpe_Uno)

As a matter of observation. It is remarkable how much Businesses put into getting out of the condition that the recession has put them and how little the rest of the population that are workers do; at least from what I can see.

My advise is that we do not know how much quantity of work is acceptable for a human being to do for a minimum wage, so it is a time to be wary of what politicians are doing with our rights, if at all you are lucky to get a job, that is lucky as per lucky with acceptable civil rights.

There is no need to be paranoid. I am only drawing attention to the lack of interest in the issue, when even the Unions can neither force the government or private employers to accept a certain quantity of work for a minimum wage; for what this discussion is worth, it is important to see that the recession and the global economic crisis was brought about by the same group of people who think it is possible to manipulate rate of work and quantity of work to maximise profit without harming everybody including themselves in the long run.


Ikpe Uno is a UK Government High Diplomat. An intelletcual property Author who trades and sells Equities and Securities from his Office via his books.

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