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how to play farmville
facebook games
by john bates clare

How to Play FarmVille.

I am going to explain how to run your farm and get the most out of this game.

Each time you login to facebook, you receive notifications for each application which you are
using, friend requests, gift requests, etc. Go to your home page first and start collecting and
accepting either gifts or requests. You will automatically be asked if you have more pending gifts
for whichever application you are using.

You may have to sell the gifts your friends give you in the early stages to gain some coins or fill out
a free survey to get some coins. Always gift back, using the free gift option. Both Farm Ville and
Mafia Wars have the option to select your friends who are using that application, but there is a limit
each time you either request a friend to join you or send them a gift.

Also note that on every day on your first playing you receive a certain amount of coins in the daily
raffle. You will be gifted a large amount of coins on completing certain levels and achievements.
When starting out on FarmVille, decide on how many plots you are going to have in order to plant
seeds. Then use the plough (spelling this word the English U.K way or plow as it is in FarmVille)
tool to create a grid. I personally prefer a ten by ten plot when starting out.

This gives you the chance to plant several types of seeds in each row:- one row of five raspberries,
the next wheat, etc. As you progress through the levels you will unlock different crops that will
give you more income in coins, likewise with buildings, animals and decorations.
Don't forget to note down the grow time and return as and when appropriate to harvest your crops,
whether it be two hours or three days for anything to be ready to harvest.

I tend to do things in an organised manner. On any given visit to my Farm, I will check first of all
what crops are ready for harvesting. If none (unlikely) then I will check whatever animals are
highlighted as being ready for collection of their eggs, milk, truffles, etc. Then I will move my
mouse pointer over the trees to find out what (%) percentage their growth is, usually these having
being gifted by friends who are playing the game, if they require harvesting then I will collect the
coins in the process.

Next, I will visit my friends farms and do jobs for them on their farms and and when possible. All
“Help” jobs give you 20 coins and 5 experience points, so do this as and when possible, the
experience points always helping towards the next level.

Harvesting alone, does not gain you experience points. Ploughing and planting certain seeds does.
Always have goals:- what do you expect to achieve from your farm. Do you wish to organise your
animals by creating a nice white wash fence enclosure, purchase a red barn, or a tractor to speed up
ploughing. Do the math's, using you desktop calculator or real world calculator, work out how
much every action costs.

When you plough one plot of fallow land (land that has already been ploughed, had some seeds
planted and harvested), it costs fifteen coins and gains you one experience point. Decide which
seed or seeds will bring in the most coins. Some seeds give you more experience points when

A tractor is an expensive luxury, but does making the ploughing quicker. Just as an example
ploughing two plots of land costs 2 fuel, 30 coins gives you 2 experience points. The tractor fuel
recharges eventually, but there is no clock counting down to when that will happen. So, you do not
need to rush out and use cash to pay for petrol.
You could always specialise in selling livestock, just as farmers do in the real world.
Expanding your farm.

The ultimate goal is to be able to expand your farm, so you can plough more plots and plant more
seeds, keep more animals and earn more money. To do this you need to add your friends. This is
not always easy, especially if you have a limit number of friends who either a) don’t know how to
use a computer or b) do not have a facebook account.
If you are in contact with say five family members, then all you need to do is ask them to sign up to
facebook. If they are not handy with computers, then you will have to sign up for them, but do ask
their permission.

Of course, it is entirely possible to create made up fictional family/friends on facebook. You will
need hot mail Email accounts and plenty of imagination. The limit I have found is three hot mail
accounts per day. Make sure you keep notes of your passwords and Email addresses. You will also
have to create a date of birth If you use this route, then make sure you spend time filling out some
of the profile so you can at the very least find the fictional family member by location. There are
plenty of free Email service providers, so you are not necessarily restricted to hot mail accounts.
These fictional family/friends can be valuable assets and gift you items that you can sell when
money is tight.

One other way of recruiting friends is to do a search for your old school friends. I typed in some
names on the search option and sure enough, people who I knew some 20 years ago have accounts.
I have rapidly expanded my Mafia, in Mafia Wars by clicking on the Mutual friends links when
facebook make suggestions as to other people you may know. When I make contact with these
people I always include a link to the game I am playing. I also have a photo on my wall so people
may or may not recognise me. FarmVille and Mafia Wars allow you to select from a list of friends
playing the same game. In Pirates Rule the Caribbean, you have to recruit them from your friend

Games like these are incredibly addictive but at the same time they are great for children and adults
alike. They teach logic and how to manage finance, how to think and plan ahead. I am currently
playing three games or applications, this is my limit as if I started any more I simply wouldn’t get
any work done!

I should add that these games are often in “Beta” or testing mode and are subject to change
frequently. Just as an example when I first wrote this article, for one weekend only Zynga added
Super Berries to the seed list. These you could buy cheaply and sell for 100 coins. I was raking the
cash in and very happy, then suddenly they disappeared from the list and left us all wandering when
and if they might return. I only found out that they were just there for one weekend by making a
post on my wall and some one responded saying what had happened.

The makers of the game have now added a pet option. I think this is a waste of programming as all
it seems to do is when you click on the animal and highlight the pet option, the animal just makes a
noise. If they had made it so the animal had a limited increase in “harvest ready” time, then I could
see the point.

I wish you every success with FarmVille.

You can find more reports like this on my CD-Rom titled How to Really Beat Computer Games. web site http://www.beatthosegames.com


I am a self employed Piano Teacher and Piano Tuner. I am 38 years old and have been writing reports and e-books for a few years now.

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