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tonya coery,s book
heart of roses
by tonya coery

The second book of Tonya Corey's is out. Heart of Roses is a warm hearted book based in Ireland. It takes the ideas of the here and now and combids them with old fashion ideas. It will sweep you off your feet as you read about Katherine and Drake.
You be drawn into there world as you read and discover there heartacke and how they over came there own anger and found the faith that brought them together.
As they come close to losing everything they find eveything they been looking for in each other.

You can find this book at lulu.com and amzon.com
Check out my store front at lulu.com
Or you can see the mini store front at myspace under Tonya Corey


TOnya coery was raised Hennpein IL with her sister and parents. After grauduate from high school she moved MI where she met her best friend her husband. Shortly they moved TN where she begain her writing with him beside in 2006 she wrote her first book. Shorty after she wrote her second book.

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