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why some people like to be power behind everybody2
keeping friends and sponsours
by ikpe uno (@Ikpe_Uno)

If white people are racist, then racists must be poor but if black people discriminate, they vote for a government that works partly for white people who discriminate as well, telling everybody that their morals are a threat to gangs and that people do things which hurt other people because life has been unfair to them, while expecting to stop it in their own time when it is convinient, usually when it is too late of course and flashy swanky racists are making pop songs out of people's lives to make themselves rich fascists on the left.

These things bring out the worst in people just on account that they have certain responsibilities to ensure society does not degenerate into violence and the vulnerable are not oppressed; hence since the case must be the process of devising something that will get them everywhere they go due to the fact that they are now rich-thanks to politicians; I have begun my project on this with spending any culture that they have on any expense they cause me trying to get rich over what is my property which will always be and never be theirs, which will never fill me with satisfaction as much as spending any and every new culture and decadence they have built from this new riches as well. As normal, rather than go away, they have come to think that the way out is to spend my work repairing their culture.

So since such things are likely to make the recession much worse because we all know what will happen if racists were to have their own personal backyard Jesus in their service (which of course is not my problem but that of the politicians who think people's morals are a threat to gangs). I can envisage the possibilities of little girls the enemies of freedom in impoverished areas of our societies on public telly telling people to cut out some of their stereotyping, whereas they have not stopped their stereotypical discrimination that are actually a form of death threats against others whom their men claim do not do things for every body hence the reason life is unfair on them.

My favourite reason is that of the fact that every time they realise that when people get an education and settle down to a job it will beat all their twisted old men wickedness and the things they do to prevent people from doing so out of them, they get increasingly violent; which for me pushes me to do these things in the hardest way imaginable but for other poorer people is not such a powerful disposition to be, something that they believe they can black mail me with.


Ikpe Uno is a UK Government High Diplomat. An intelletcual property Author who trades and sells Equities and Securities from his Office via his books.

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