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the age of aquarius ~
a time for love
by emanjah suzanne holetz (@emanjah)

Why would things have to get so extreme, to the point of breaking, destroying nearly everything? Why would we all have to suffer great pain, in order to instill the importance of it all?

We seek connection for survival. The more connection we have the safer we feel. We know that premature babies in incubators do not thrive unless they have human contact. That has been proven. It doesn’t get any more clear or easy to understand than this.

We are each born into this world with a gift or talent, or several. We are intended to use that gift to earn our way. A “talent” in the ancient world was a form of money. When we have a gift, we are good at it; therefore we are intended to be “rewarded” for our talent. When we have a gift, it usually comes a little easier for us than for others not so gifted. When we do something we are gifted at doing, we enjoy it; we infuse the “doing of” with our joy within that creative process. That joy translates and enriches that gift and makes it uniquely our own, with our own vibration that is in harmony and therefore soothing and attractive in its own alchemical way. If we enjoy it, that energetic vibration of joy will be translated into our gift and that gift will shine with that ‘light’ and the energy of joy will be passed to others for their mutual enjoyment. Like attracts like, to the full potential. It becomes a “win-win” for everyone and ultimately, everyone thrives, blooming into fuller potential and higher intelligence.

It is like the old story about making oatmeal for the family in the morning. If you are angry and resentful when you are making the oatmeal, you will be feeding your family anger and resentment. Rather, if you are happy and embracing your ability to create a lovely, warm, nutritious meal for your family, and that you as the provider, are celebrating this, you will be feeding your family an “enriched” version of oatmeal, complete with your love and joy at doing your best for them. They will feel it, they will appreciate it, and they will love you for it! Serving love, begets love…. you are what you eat!

The age of Aquarius is about re-creating balance, getting off polarities. It is a time of water, cleansing and purification. Water finds its own balance point. It is a return to the feminine, to flow, to clarity, crystalline, sparkling, a time to re-fresh.

Is it any wonder that crystals, holographic materials, and sparkling things of all sorts are in fashion at this time? These are all Spirit’s way of creating trends that will elevate the vibrational frequencies of the planet as a whole. The more sparkling rainbows being created, the more sparkling rainbows there will be in all facets of life. This helps to begin to raise the overall global vibration.

We as human beings are born of pure goodness and light and love. We only have to look at the plants and the animals of this great Earth to see this. A plant does not intend on hurting anyone or anything. It is here to propagate its own kind, maybe breed with a similar other, and then go on to reproduce either one of the same, or one or many, of variations of a theme of superior survivability… constantly in a state of adaptation and evolution. This same is true for animals. This has always been the way of the natural world. So then, what happened when it came to the human species, the ones who are supposed to be of God’s greatest creation and intelligence? Do we all believe that we have evolved as far as we are going to?

This is where free will and free choice play a role. We are birthed to Earth with the pure and basic ideals of love, goodness and the need for connection. We have no judgments or assigned rules to anything when we are first born. Over time, with the gift of being of ‘higher’ intelligence, the ability to make up our own minds, of our own free spirit, gets developed. We begin to have experiences that are intended to teach us something positive in order to further the race in intelligence, adaptation and evolution. The body, nearly perfected, now becomes about excelling our intelligence to further heights of the laws of love. Where was it that we began to believe we could have all the answers without keeping “The Great Spirit of All” in mind at all times; and began to play “God” ourselves in our own self-important arrogance?

It is only through loving connection that we can thrive. We are unique among the planet and living beings in this way. Animals enjoy and thrive on love, but it is not absolutely necessary for their healthy survival. Furthermore, we are beginning to see more nature documentaries that are now showing that animals have deeper relationships than once thought. Human beings need love and loving connections in order to thrive, in order to evolve and become the fittest survivors. We are intended, through the love of the Universal Creator, to create more and more love, more connection, spreading it out across the planet, in order for its survival…. the the survival of ALL in a “love enriched” environment.


Lori Suzanne Holetz lives in a redwood forest in California with her beloved twin flame, Gregory Barker. She is a Shaman Healer, mother of three, a designer/creator/writer, storyteller and dreamer… and she maintains a private healing practice. She continues to explore many creative endeavors to foster healing for the Earth. She lives by only one rule… Never harm the Great Mother, and never harm any of Her Children!

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