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~ out of sight, out of mind ~
by emanjah suzanne holetz (@emanjah)

Down through the ages, the admiration of beautiful hair can be seen. In times when we did not adhere to electricity as our “external life blood”, if someone had beautiful hair and skin, it was a considered a sign of “status”. Hair was not dried, fried, colored, and processed literally to “death”. Hair was more alive and an outer reflection of the internal spirit of that person.... the more beautiful the hair and skin, nails etc... the more inner light and love was shining out of that person.... especially when it came to the hair, because that is also a reflection of that person’s integration with higher consciousness. Nowadays, the more we do to our hair to change and destroy its natural beauty, the more wealth we seem to feel we have.

This can be clearly seen in the 1700’s, during the times of Marie Antoinette, when the economy and social status was largely very grim and dark, coming out of the dark and middle ages, the nobles would wear wigs. The more white, and eventually very tall, reaching up to the “clouds” and GodSpirit, the wig was, the higher the “status”. We can thank the recent movie “Marie Antoinette” with Kirsten Dunst, as a reminder of those times. But we miss the “connection” and therefore, the “message”.

But the “disconnection” between the real hair and the false wig was also a reflection that the body remained disconnect from the Spirit at large. Royalty became consumed with the “root of all evil”, and fell into the trap of possessions and wealth as the governing factor of evolutionary status and social class structure. It was not REAL and the turnabout comes in the form of the French Revolution and similar uprisings.

The majority of the population was literally starving to death, not unlike what we now have today globally, albeit unseen by the majority of the world, that revolves around large populated areas. This “masks” the fact that it is within these largely populated areas, where people are suffering some of the worst with poverty and failure to survive, let alone thrive.

20,000 to 25,000 people a day starve to death everyday in today’s world. How is this different than what we see with the times of the Black Plague, the French Revolution, the Civil War, and the Great Depression?
In Kenya, Africa, a cooperative of 22 women and their children can all live on as little as $800 a month!!! And yet, the Catholic Vatican is situated over vaults and vaults of golden treasures that few ever see, the great “Pope” waving his arm in the blessing of the poor, while the world starves to death! Where are their “alms for the poor”??? This is called hypocrisy!!! It is a lie, it is not in the “name of God”…it is in the name of the “root of all evil”… greed and money!!! Why else would they hoard such treasures, keeping them “secreted” away, hoping beyond hope that no one will find them out and ask this one simple question? Why??? Question Authority!!!
We hide these details.... and worse yet, blatantly ignore the very poverty right outside our door. It is too ugly. Down deep, we know that we as individuals contribute to it even if it is on the tiniest, most miniscule level.
We say we can give nothing to someone on the street.... why not? To them, even $1 can make a big difference in their day’s survival believe it or not. So, why do we not hand them a small bit of help? Is it really true that we cannot spare even the smallest of something for someone in need? Does it not give you a good feeling to have offered some help? Even if it is the tiniest bit, it can make an enormous different, to someone in need. Everyone has the ability to make a difference, for the better… Everyone! Why aren’t we?

Rather, we choose to ignore it. Out of sight is out of mind. We are all guilty of ignoring what needs attention. This is called “ignore ance”! We all move about in our own “worlds”, windows of the car rolled up tight, chatting away absent-mindedly on our phones endlessly, doors and windows of our homes closed, shutting out the outside world, even the sweet chirping of a bird, or a child’s laughter. We have become so disconnected....... body to body, heart to heart, face to face, smile to smile.... and we have become reliant completely on technology to do the connecting for us.... but it is failing us in the big picture, because it lacks the personal connection that is so vital to the thriving of life… the touch of a caring hand upon our skin, the glint of love for you, you see in someone’s eye… the thrill of the skip of a beat of your heart, when you find that special someone.. these touches of spirit cannot be replaced mechanically or technologically… period! And we suffer greatly under the belief and behavior of this retarded thinking. Why do you think going home to “mom” remains such a dominant concept of comfort, touching, hugging, loving and caring… in a physical state.

It is all backwards and that is our ignorance!


Lori Suzanne Holetz lives in a redwood forest in California with her beloved twin flame, Gregory Barker. She is a Shaman Healer, mother of three, a designer/creator/writer, storyteller and dreamer… and she maintains a private healing practice. She continues to explore many creative endeavors to foster healing for the Earth. She lives by only one rule… Never harm the Great Mother, and never harm any of Her Children!

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