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vibrational frequencies
~ cosmic healing ~
by emanjah suzanne holetz (@emanjah)

We know that everything is made of energy. We know that our food provides us with energy and that our bodies work on micro-electricity that is an electrically magnetic vibrational frequency. Our body’s biochemistry transforms the energy from the food we eat into useable energy our body in turn uses to function. It would make sense that the higher the frequency of the food we eat, the more energy we are consuming. If we begin to see food “value” in terms of frequency, we are more likely to be attracted to food that has a higher frequency or is more of a “whole living” food. Canned, process foods have virtually no frequency value. Likewise with highly processed and fast foods. It is really that simple. The more processed, the less life left within, the lower the frequency, the less energy we can convert from it. There is less vitality derived because there is less vitality to begin with.

The same goes with other things that we surround our bodies with. The overall frequency of our bodies can be influenced and raised by using pure essential oils that have very high frequencies. By applying them to our bodies, we can influence the frequencies in the body’s tissues. It is the same with water, and its frequency is dependent on its source. The more processed, the lower the frequency. Pure natural spring water has a very high frequency. In addition, keeping our bodies hydrated helps to prevent static electrical charges from being able to collect in the body and stay for any period of time. A hydrated system helps to conduct any electricity that does get within and discharge it easily. This is no different than when the atmosphere gets dry in the autumn and there is an increase of “static charges” in the air and we get shocked when we touch something. The more dried out anything is, the more electricity is able to accumulate. Is it any co-incidence that we are seeing more and more bottled water being consumed? This isn’t just a response to our degrading water supplies.

We can influence our environment’s frequency as well by using ionizers, crystals, essential oil diffusers, and burning beeswax candles. These molecules, put into the air can help to illuminate elements of lower frequencies in addition to reducing electrical charges. We can also shift the overall vibration of an environment by adding lighting, natural or otherwise, and using colors throughout all the textures of that particular environment.
Colors and vibrational frequencies resonate with the different chakras or energy centers of the body. We can test this out by closing our eyes and listening to a single tone to see where we feel it vibrate or resonate within our body. It is that simple.

Each chakra resonates with a specific frequency of vibration, color, sound and symbol. There are many things that can affect the resonate vibrations of the chakras like the sounds of music, drums, chants, mantras, voice and the energetic vibrations of colors and gemstones. The colors that resonate with the various chakras are the colors of the rainbow. Red vibrates with the first or “root” chakra, orange with the second, yellow for the “solar plexus” or third, green for the fourth or “heart”, light blue for the “throat” or fifth, indigo for the sixth, the “third eye”, and violet for the “crown” or seventh. It is from here we get clichés like “yellowbellied coward”, “green with envy”, and the association of purple with the highest or royal.

Each chakra needs to be able to function at the proper frequency independently and in unison with the whole system. Each needs to be unblocked, balanced, energized and spinning properly in order to regulate the body’s internal energetic systems. The chakras act as spinning wheels or “fans” that help to spin out energies that are absorbed into the body and are unwanted, and do not add to the overall higher vibrational quality of life. When all the chakras are balanced, clear and working together, the entire resonate frequency of the body is elevated, this in turn, raises the quality of health and well-being in all the body’s systems; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and karmic. We do have the ability to raise these fundamental vibrations in order to improve the quality of our lives. This being understood, it is easier to begin to make choices to move towards a higher vibrational frequency…. plain and simple!

In addition, each of the body’s organs has their own resident vibrational frequency that can be measured in megahertz (MHz). The average core frequency is 68-75 MHz for healthy functioning. The frequencies of food can be measured, and it becomes very clear to see that if we are eating foods of a low frequency then we will be taking in less than it takes to maintain the overall vibrational frequency of approximately 70 MHz, and our bodies will drop into an energy deficit. A “Big Mac” hamburger has only 5 MHz; it takes more energy to digest it than its energy “value” gives us to begin with. Again, it is that simple.

If our bodies are not getting enough high frequency energy, then we do not have what it takes to keep the body functioning at its highest efficiency, the body will begin to slow and more toxic waste will build up, the less healthy we feel, we begin a more rapid decline into aging. The body is not getting enough energy to keep things running at its normal high vibrational levels, and dis-ease begins to set in. It is like trying to run your car without fuel and the proper lubrications. If you do not put in the proper fuels, then the parts are not going to work smoothly, either independently or all together as one whole machine.

We could say the same about the condition of the overall health and well-being of our Great Mother Earth…. it is exactly the same principals, and our bodies become microcosms of the planet. Garbage in equals garbage out!
We all know that eating fresh fruits and vegetables is very healthy for several reasons, but mostly, we are eating a living food, that has the highest frequencies. A rose has the highest vibrational frequency at 320 MHz. When we smell a rose or apply its oil to our body, we then add this frequency to our own and the overall frequency of our body will be raised, and we will feel better because of it. When we raise the vibrational frequency of the body, our mood, our ability to think clearly, and all other systems of the body will function at a higher, more efficient level, and the total quality of life will improve. This can happen in a matter of minutes in some cases, depending on what is applied to or consumed by the body. The changes can be that rapid.

The source of all energy, the force of life, in our solar system is the Sun. No matter that we would give plants water and necessary nutrients, without the Sun’s energy they will soon die. Most life as we know it cannot live without the energy of the Sun. The light of the Sun is made of seven visible bands of color, and two that are invisible, each of which has a different frequency. In India, this life force is called “prana”, the Chinese call it “chi” and the Japanese refer to it as “ki”. Regardless of the name, it is the sustaining force of biological life… it is the “Father”, the Sun, the “Holy Spirit”!

In San Francisco, certain interior decorators have worked with color therapy in hospitals and the overall conditions have improved. .Children with a particular illness, were “bombarded” with the particular color that was associated with the area of the body that was dis-eased and their overall conditions improved. Color therapy has been employed in schools through the use of full spectrum lighting and what was found was remarkable. The children’s cognitive skills and abilities to stay focused increased, with a subsequent rise in their overall grade scores.
For one capable of seeing the energy force that emanates from the body, waves of energy are seen in various colors. This is called the “aura”. It is clearly understood that poor diet, lack of exercise, and emotional anxiety sap our life force biologically. When this biological energy becomes low our immune systems are weakened and disease that has a much lower vibrational frequency, can invade the body.

The chakras can also be energized using the appropriate gemstones. This balances a person’s vibrational rate and increases the biological energy levels. Opening the chakras accelerates emotional, physical, and spiritual development and can lead to developing higher states of consciousness.

Gems contain wavelengths of cosmic color, just as the Sun’s rays contain pure life force. It is important to know that gems must be untreated by man, except for cutting and polishing to have any effect whatsoever. Increasing specific wavelengths of vibrations of light is the basis for gemstone therapy. Gemstones are transmitters of electromagnetic energy; they do this by absorption and reflection of light frequencies. The electromagnetic energy emanating from the gemstone reacts with the electromagnetic energy of the body to produce certain very specific effects. Gemstone potency will never diminish, and you will have the stone for your entire lifetime, bringing increased positive influence into your life and counteracting negative forces to a great degree.

We can induce Delta, Alpha or Theta brain waves, through massage or movement, like that which a mother does to rock her child to sleep; these are the most important frequencies for healing. Delta waves are 0.1-3.2 megahertz, or cycles per second, and heal pain; they induce deep relaxation and sleep. Theta waves pulse at 3.2-7.8 megahertz; exist while dreaming, in deep meditative trance, or under hypnosis and are used to heal trauma. Alpha waves pulse at 7.8-14 megahertz and heal by creating an internal balancing. Beta waves pulse at 14-25 megahertz; are of an invigorating nature and help us to keep ourselves balanced with our external world circumstances. High Beta waves are over 25 cycles per second and are never used in healing, as they can produce high anxiety, panic attacks or schizophrenia.

Gem therapy combined with a common sense approach to better diet, exercise, and attitude of life has shown to be a most wonderful tool for healing. The Indian scriptures called the “Vedas” contain the most complete descriptions, practical and scientific knowledge, of gemstones.

We need to learn to be proactive in our health care. If we use vibrational frequency therapy, we can work prophylactically to insure our health and well-being. It is very easy to understand how energy works when we shift our perspective in terms of vibrational frequencies. If we begin to view our world in this fashion, it will be much easier and simpler to make better choices for optimum overall health and well-being for all. It is very important to begin to realize what we surround ourselves with. The total complete energetic vibration of our environment is very important, much more so that we ever put any thought or energy towards. If we start to pay attention to the frequencies in the surroundings we find ourselves in, we can influence our lives for the better, with little effort at all…. and this, can be of immediate relief!


Lori Suzanne Holetz lives in a redwood forest in California with her beloved twin flame, Gregory Barker. She is a Shaman Healer, mother of three, a designer/creator/writer, storyteller and dreamer… and she maintains a private healing practice. She continues to explore many creative endeavors to foster healing for the Earth. She lives by only one rule… Never harm the Great Mother, and never harm any of Her Children!

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