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fearless nba playoff predictions
bold basketball boding, in three sentences each
by jason gilmore (@JasonGilmore77)

Granted, my middle of the pack finishes in both my own NBA Fantasy League -- as well as a friend's March Madness Pick 'Em tournament -- would suggest that I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to predicting basketball outcomes. (We won't even mention that my team, the Detroit Pistons, was an abomination unto itself.) Still, to paraphrase Kanye West, I'mma let y'all finish, but my premonitions are the greatest of all time.

1) Cleveland .vs 8) Chicago
Chicago needs a new coach. They should've hired Avery Johnson when they had the chance. And LeBron is not playing with y'all. (Cleveland 4-0)
2) Orlando .vs 7) Charlotte
Orlando's too loaded and determined. But this Charlotte team is scary. Larry Brown will outcoach Stan Van Gundy as often as you can without actually winning the series. (Orlando 4-2)
3) Atlanta .vs 6) Milwaukee
Scott Skiles may be Coach of the Year. John Salmons has been a true difference maker. But Andrew Bogut's injury pretty much kills any upset chances. (Atlanta 4-1)
4) Boston .vs 5) Miami
The Big Three are withering right before our eyes. But that's better than the Big One. Wade's just waiting to see where he'll be next year. (Boston 4-2)

Second Round
1) Cleveland .vs 4) Boston
Will be a better series than people think. But LeBron is not playing with y'all. Ray Allen's last game as a Celtic? (Cleveland 4-2)
2) Orlando .vs 3) Atlanta
This Atlanta team has grown up a lot since last year. Can't say the same for the Magic. Y'all about to see why I've been Team Jamal Crawford since he played for Michigan. (Atlanta 4-3)

East Finals
1) Cleveland .vs 3) Atlanta
This is going to be an amazing series. But Shaq didn't come this far to lose to no dirty birds. And LeBron's not playing with y'all. (Cleveland 4-3)

1) LA Lakers .vs 8) Oklahoma City
REALLY want the Thunder to pull the upset. It's not that they can't. But Phil & Kobe ain't going out like that. (Lakers 4-2)
2) Dallas .vs 7) San Antonio
Spurs have no answer for Dirk. Or Caron Butler. Or Shawn Marion. (Dallas 4-0)
3) Phoenix .vs 6) Portland
Series I most wish I had tickets to. But how can you go against Portland with all they've played through? But how will they win with possibly no Brandon Roy? (Phoenix 4-2)
4) Utah .vs 5) Denver
Should be a hard-nosed, fun series. Denver's coach George Karl is very sick. That's why they will win. (Denver 4-3)

Second Round
1) LA Lakers .vs 5) Denver
Very hard to call. Dependent on which Lakers team shows up and which Nuggets team shows up. Lakers win this by a hair. (Lakers 4-3)
2) Dallas .vs 3) Phoenix
Should be fun to watch anyway. But don't get carried away. Dallas is better than people think. (Dallas 4-2)

West Finals
1) LA Lakers .vs 2) Dallas
Now is when the Lakers' lapses comes back to haunt them. Ron Artest is going to wig out. Haywood, Beaubois & Barea expose Lakers' suspect bench. (Dallas 4-2)

NBA Finals
Cleveland Cavaliers .vs Dallas Mavericks
NBA still doesn't get Kobe-LeBron matchup. Hickson, Varejao & Moon give Dirk a headache. Shaq laughs last. (Cleveland 4-3)


Jason Gilmore is a film director, screenwriter, novelist and unrepentant Detroit Pistons fan. Track him down on Facebook.

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