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a double explanation
by emanjah suzanne holetz (@emanjah)


What does all this mean??? Well, that is a very good question….I had been wondering just that myself, when something sort of “took over” and seemed to be literally driving my hands, my eyes, my body…. my mind, however remained clear and just sat by and “watched” as I began to go through the information, typing it out as if I knew exactly what I was doing and it all made sense. And for some strange reason…. it did. I understood perfectly. The Angels were taking over again, getting the constant roar of my own mindless jabber out of the way and having me watch the actions of my life like watching a movie…. just sitting empty of thought and just taking it all in… without judgment…. just observing… my own life, my body doing the actions, as I became a puppet of sorts as “they” used my body to communicate to me and thus everyone else…. the information had been pouring in on me for the past 5 years and a constant steady rate of extraordinary evolutionary speed…. and the amazing thing was, that my mind was comprehending it all. It all made sense, perfectly…. too perfectly in its utter simplicity. We had been overlooking it all in our mad, frenzied world of vast wealth and materials as we just try to get by with the “little we have”, when three quarters of the world is starving, but we don’t see it, so it does not exist for most of us. Well no more this will be…. we are being made to see… forced to remember what we have long forgotten… to the destruction of it all.

And so, the “digital” era began, and we made a massive shift, although not really noticing on the grand scale, what was happening cosmically, with our ridiculously narrow “vision”. We have excluded 90% of what is really here right beneath our noses… we walk all over it in our “sleepwalking”. We seemed to throw out our old reliable analog clocks… not wanting to be bothered with them…. any more… as things were shifting into a time of “convenience”. We were shot out of the proverbial “cannon” with our technological race… faster, and faster we go. And what happened to that time of luxurious relaxation? We don’t have time for that anymore…. We have soccer on Monday, baseball on Tuesday, tutoring on Wednesday, piano on Thursday, and always a play date on Friday, all after a full day of school… and so we pack our children’s lives chock full of endless activities to keep them busy, preoccupied, being forced to aspire to our aspirations for them as our children, until they are dizzy with it all, and unable to settle down, downshift, and rest and restore their little bodies and minds, that are already rapidly evolving anyway at this time in human evolution. We slap a “label” on them, ADD, ADHD, “beating” them into submission of mind, body and spirit, with heavy duty medications intended to “control” them, all the while stripping them of their own right to be the brilliant shining star Angels that they are, for our comfort, not really theirs. They are literally “busting out all over” and we are controlling the hell out of them. Faster and Faster….. We have “programmed: them to go faster and faster, in the not-so-human race to “get mine” and “screw you” competition to our early deaths. And what part of this is not Armageddon to anyone??? Faster and faster, we are descending in the “hell” of our own making… and finally the Angels are literally here to help us bail ourselves out and we are making it all wrong because we are not seeing ANYTHING!

As we have descended, more and more of our God-given right to free-will and free-choice is now being stripped from us… and we are now going to be forced, by Spirit, God if you will, to stop look and see, listen and really hear. This is a very exciting time upon the planet and we are going to see changes that are unprecedented throughout many “dimensions”. Everything is flying wide open, including the doors of our personal perceptions, and our collective consciousness as a whole planet. It has to, or we will all die.

We have sped ourselves up to the point of very rapid physical evolution… and thus the dramatic unsettling changes we are experiencing again, personally and globally. Things have to come down in order to be rebuilt in a better, more efficient way that will serve everyone in the best interest of all.

As we turned to digital, we began to use codes of zeros and ones (0:1) to process the information. And now is the time for the next step in the code, technologically and evolutionarily throughout the globe. She is in a quick change metamorphosis and we are all going along for the ride and we are just going to have to endure the upheaval in the meantime, and do whatever we can to make the transition as painless as possible. This means sacrifice, on the part of each and every individual being. Unfortunately, this will cause some to lose their lives. But there is great hope on the horizon if we choose to look that way…. it can be a beautiful sunrise, instead of the darkened sunset we keep looking forward to and dreading. Isn’t it time to get up, make a commitment to do whatever we can, and at the least choose to look forward to the sunrise, from the darkness we are in?

And so the doors of perception begin to open as the digital encoding that our DNA is structured around begins to become activated, causing an “awakening” within us as our cells begin to respond to the long hidden, long asleep numbers that are the keys to the doors, inviting us to come in and see what wonders await us in the depths of our own imaginations. It can be whatever you choose it to be, but that is just the point… you have to make a conscious choice to look in one direction and go that way, or the other. You only have to ask yourself, which one looks more appealing and longer lasting? And make your choice, hopefully for the betterment of the greater good for the greater whole, and be a part of those who are choosing conservation and preservation. But now is the time… there is not time to spare. Not anymore and we all know it by now. There is no excuse for the madness anymore.

The number code, particularly the double, triple and quadruple digits that many are beginning to see on the digital clocks, is the other part of the alphanumerical code that our basic DNA structuring was based upon…. set up in an “exponential” way as to keep us continually evolving our beings to higher and higher aspirations of excellence and betterment… an ascending survival of the fittest…. on and on up until we were all filled with enlightenment and beautiful shining examples of the glorious human race we were intended to be by our Illustrious Creator, no matter who that may or may not be. We were supposed to be beautiful, sweet, loving, kind beings as the most evolved stewards of the Great Mother. However we are a product of our environment, garbage in equals garbage out, and we have made one big garbage heap of this Girl, with our false, phony, pretentious, and often arrogant behaviors, and it is only humans who have done this, and they are only a small thread in the great web of life who has unfortunately taken over everything aggressively, to the suffering of many we do not even see. So we are being forced to see… and all is as it should be considering the grand organized disaster we have created… all together now. The deer and the birds, and the fish and the dogs and cats for that matter, are not doing any of this… they are just trying to survive it, with rapidly diminishing resources for their lives. We have forgotten everything important for our survival and are now resorting to guns and violence to insure “we get ours”. We are only warring upon ourselves, and everyone else, human or otherwise. We are being made to see through massive scale crisis that is intended to re-sensitize us and bring us back to our hearts, our homes, our loved ones, and what is really important in this world… and it is not money! We are being made to see, by watching those most precious to us die in our arms, to break open our hearts and re-humanize us again.

The Angels are here, just as it has been said in the Bible, to help us, and they are making their presence known now. The digital codes are part of that and we have become such a visual world, that big red flashing numbers, seem to make the best impression and are the most effective as they “imprint” the retinas of our eyes, with a pathway through the visual optic nerve directly to the brain for immediate processing, best through our unconsciousness so we don’t keep thinking ourselves out of our own evolutionary step into the literal Light. “The eyes are the windows to the soul and this takes on a new meaning when we understand that what we take in with our eyes, be it beauty or destruction, literally imprints our retinas and the information going to the brain via the optic nerve is immediate programming of who we become. Violence begets violence and beauty reflects beauty. It is that simple.

So what do the numbers mean? And what does the fact that they are doubles mean?

There are two parts to this code. The first is the numbers themselves and what they mean in the first simple code that this was created by. Second, there is the aspect of the doubling, tripling and so on. The numbers have an assigned meaning with regard to man and his presence in the universe… a code for his particular resonant vibration within the vast void that is the universe…. like a ripple in a pond with a sonar coded vibration that speaks of your presence within the fabric of the universe.

The numbers are “primitive” symbols and yet very effective. “1” stands for the individual (man), “2” means the second individual to partner with the first and the symbol itself has meaning just as a mark. “3” means the trinity just as we believe, but with the union of the cosmic “father” and “mother” coming together into a center being (man) to create a third “holy spirit”. “4” marks the four corners of the world, the four directions, the first four elements of earth, air, fire and water, all necessary to create life…but not until it is united with “5”, the symbol for the center, spirit. “6” becomes the symbol of the whole man on earth staying connected with the universal space and cosmic vibrations. “7” becomes the symbol for an individual who is connected to the universal informational collective consciousness and through this connection and continual openness to reception and influx of the universal vibration, we begin the pick up any information we need as it is imprinted upon the cosmic fabric of vibrating energy that we weave together with all other individuals who put out an energetic vibration, weaving it all together. Once this is established, there becomes a continual open universal understanding and exchange that becomes infinitely symbiotic, in theory. Humans have messed this all up, including the coding and the meanings henceforth.

When these number symbols begin to be strung together, like pearls on a string as we walk along the pathway of knowledge learned through the daily experiences of our live, they by the very nature of their being and thus their energetic vibration, begin to reflect a beautiful life, or conversely a less “polished” life. The amount of beauty reflected, is only reflecting back the environment and so on. Again, we become a product of the environmental vibration we are immersed in. The dominate sound vibration, drowns out the higher vibrations and drags them down. Within the human body, this vibration is measured in megahertz (MHz), roughly from 68 to 75 MHz for average health and wellbeing. Disease can begin to set in at an environment of 55. This is why the higher our environmental vibration the more healthy we remain. This stands to reason. And we wonder why whole pods of whales beach themselves in the frantic desperate attempt to get out of range of the sonar vibrations through the oceans. These are dominant vibrations that are harming the more delicate vibrational communication of the whale so critical to their survival. This too, is not difficult to understand. Vibration is very important, and we are destroying the overall vibration of the planet with all the toxins, aggression, warring, chemicals, violence, hate, fear and arrogance around it. We speed our own destruction.

Hence, Spirit in its infinite wisdom is turning our technology back upon us with the digital code opening of perceptual doors, in an effort to get people to evolve enough to wake up and really see the implications of our continued exponential destruction. When strung together in pairs or sets of pairs, we begin to take the next evolutionary steps up the ladder of excellence as humans, as the double digits as “key codes” begin to open up perceptual “doors” by forcing the use of more parts of our physical brains. They become more and more finely tuned “instruments” from which we can shine out our brilliant talents through its use and practice. A mind is not only a terrible thing to waste, it’s essential evolution is survival of the fittest to which we all hope to aspire when we really get down to what it is all about. We are morally and mortally obligated and responsible for the use of the finely tuned instrument we all have in our brain. It can be used dangerously, or we can be morally responsible not only to ourselves and our loved ones, but to all the Earth’s children. Now, we are going to be forced to become responsible as the light literally begins to dawn and awaken us to our human hearts once again.


Lori Suzanne Holetz lives in a redwood forest in California with her beloved twin flame, Gregory Barker. She is a Shaman Healer, mother of three, a designer/creator/writer, storyteller and dreamer… and she maintains a private healing practice. She continues to explore many creative endeavors to foster healing for the Earth. She lives by only one rule… Never harm the Great Mother, and never harm any of Her Children!

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