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why twilight works
things to consider regarding the franchise
by john david antesberger iii

Who doesn't love Rob, or Kristine? Well, if they chose better roles, consider this: No one would like them as much as they do now. Unfortunately, as is the case with any Twilight installment that is or is to come, there isn't much to say about it. It's already gotten many reviews from many critics around the world, and the books have spent weeks on end as the top five bestsellers list for USA Today and the New York Times.

So why am I even waisting my breath? Why do I have to have a say on the subject of Twilight? Even if I said anything about it I'd either get one of two responses from fans or patrons of the franchise: #1) They'd either say that I underestimate the books and movies... or #2) that I'm crazy to have said anything negative about it.

The reason why I chose these two responses to this column would be because what I have to say isn't going to make any fangirl (or worse, fanboy) happy.

The simple fact about Twilight is that:

1) the books are written like a three year-old's dissertation on astro-physics, and...

2) the movies and the books rely heavily on sex drive and arousal.

Concerning the first: Wouldn't it have been better to have written one book? Of course not because somebody needs to pay their own bills. Couldn't it have relied more on literary devices more than on concentrating on describing the sexual arousal of the main characters to each other? Never! because then teenagers wouldn't want to buy the books.

Concerning the second: Not all movie adaptations based off of books are the best, and because Hollywood does this too often these days it's getting annoying that there isn't an original idea left in their cranial grey-matter (sorry my favorite directors). And when there isn't any creativity in originality the business gets lazy. First thing that you need to know is this: It doesn't matter if the movie spends a decade at the top of the box office list. Just because the movie makes big bucks doesn't mean that it's worth the effort to confide in bad acting and directing and marketing and whatever else the Twilight Franchise has decided to do which is redundant. There's even a graphic novel (um... comic book!).

There have been too many bad decisions in Hollywood and no one should have to feel the need to oblige in them when they decide to give you the cheap knock-offs of an original piece of media. Sure, there are some good movies that are based off of books, just look at The Godfather, talk about an iconic movie!

Another thing that seems to be a big rip off with the Twilight Franchise is its use of sexuality. When you take the story and summarize it simply all you end up with is a plot where a human feels like doing a vampire, then a werewolf, then she can't make up her mind, then she decides. Sounds like a soap opera - couldn't they just have done that? Of course not! "I'm crazy to think otherwise!"

I leave with one final question: Can't teenagers read something a little more appropriate, that sets good morals, uses good grammar, has great plot structure, and is intelligible? How about some Jane Austen (not those stupid knock-off monster cross-overs), or Jonathan Swift, or Dante, Milton, Thomas Malory, Dickens, Shelly, Shakespeare, Hugo? Good Fiction!


Ever since I was 12 I have been hooked on novels, movies, and artwork, dabbing in each from time to time. Over the past few years I have been trudging more and more in the direction of writing and am working on my first novel and hopefully would finish it. To keep me going I keep reminding myself of something my mother always says: "Everyone has a book inside of them."

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