9.23.18: a rebel alliance of quality content
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girl with a pearl earing
by teymur roshdi

Because I'm a film addicted and usually I watch a film sometimes for years twice a day, suddenly I find myself obsessed with a movie and the plot.Then my mind becomes occupied by all the characters and lot of questions began puzzling me.After a while, when I reviewed all the details of the movie in my mind, I notice that for example in this or that movie, the plot has been ended 'in the air', as if it asked me to imagine or to suppose the continuation of the story for myself. This is what happened to me with the film 'Girl with a pearl earing'.I should mention that this film,although watched for years, still seems to me a perfect work of art, I could never find the least weakness or negligence in the plot or the 'mise-en-scene', the music, or in the performance of the actors
and etc.So recently, when I reviewed more and more the expression of Griet at the end of the film, I asked myself what were her thoughts after getting the gift and who sent it? Then I imagined what would be the
best destiny for her.That's why I wrote a short story about the path of Griet in life after this event. I published it with Lulu.com under the title of 'Griet', if you are interested in reading it you can follow the link below :


I am a novelist and an artist painter by vocation and a professor by profession.

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