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does anyone remember what it was like...
to sit in a tree?
by emanjah suzanne holetz (@emanjah)

As adults, we tend to get caught up in the daily demands that provide for us and our families, if we are lucky enough to still have one. Most of us frantically expel tremendous amounts of energy every day in disconnected efforts to just get the rent, electricity, water and food paid for each day…. and that often, in these days of economic crisis, is not easy, at the sacrifice of lots of little goodies that keep our lives exciting in tiny special ways. Like how that candy bar, brought home by your sweetie on his way home from a long day of fourteen hours at work, can be just the nicest, most sweet thing that can just flood your life with his love and make everything else in the world that is not ok… seem ok instantaneously. All after HIS long grueling day…. now that, is love. Often these are the very small things that go by the wayside in times of stress and struggle for survival, despite the fact that they are usually the smallest, simplest and most inexpensive things we can do. Why is that? Our perspective is backwards. If we lived more in the moment, and did sweet little things whenever we had the tiniest window to do it, and what is more, recognized it in the first place…. oh, what a wonderful world it would be.

We have forgotten so much. Does anyone remember what it was like to sit high up in a tree that you had just struggled to climb? Looking out from this newly found and earned perspective, gave one a “vista” that enabled us to “see further” with our vision. The physical reality reflecting the spiritual implication…. the physical world giving life to the metaphor that we should practice extending our “visions”… out in front of us, out into the future… with an admiration and awe inspiring vista that can take our breath away. Why do we cut ourselves off with the very potential this can provide for each and every one of us, moment to moment, day to day, as we consciously dream our lives into what we wish them to be. If we do not take a forward perspective, then we are destined to perish spiritually in the present, lacking the respect, honor and reverence for the very connections of life, the web that keeps us all connected and thriving with vital support available from many directions…. extending out like ripples in the pond. This ideal has now evolved into the “world wide web”. Who knew it could be so disconnecting while at the same time giving us the illusion that somehow we are all connected? Too bad it lacks the personal touch, a real smile and laugh, or the twinkle seen in an eye that the physical world offers. What do you think is the most advanced “technology”? I have never known a computer, or even a person I am video calling via my computer, to be able to reach out with a reassuring touch that conveys that somehow everything is going to be alright, followed by a sincere warm hug that confirms it. It is just not the same no matter how “virtual” and clever we think we are getting to be…. ultimately we are very stupid and un-evolved to think that a computer connection of any kind, with anyone is going to be as satisfying, body, mind, heart and soul as the real life touch of another living being. And we are de-evolving faster each passing day because of it.

Children come home from school these days, and spend their afternoons and weekends as well, sitting glued to computer and television screens in some kind of artificial illusion that they are learning to become better human beings on some level. And the schools and parents staunchly promote this through ridiculously competitive statistical test scores that will ultimately determine what illustrious school one will be able to attend or not. As if this is really a “measure” of the quality of human being one is or is not. A piece of paper scrawled with fancy lettering and embossed stamps will certify that you have indeed completed the curriculum required to de-evolve and become one of the “higher” drones in the local colony…. destined to a heart attack from the stress of trying to compete and keep up with “the Joneses”… passing on our own neurosis and giving our children heaps of stress and subsequent illness in turn. Where have the days of dashing home from school on a sunny day with excitement and the long anticipated opportunity to get together with the best friend who lives right around the corner to go jump our Schwinn banana-seat sting-ray bikes over the massive holes the older kids had dug in the local empty field that was now five feet high with foxtail weeds? Where is that wonder, enthusiastic excitement in our children? Where is that feeling of relief when school finally got out at three in the afternoon and we joyously skipped home, knowing we were free until tomorrow, knowing that mom was home and probably had a nice afternoon snack of freshly baked brownies or cookies awaiting our arrival home after a mentally taxing day in classrooms? Where is that happiness and sense of security experienced when we arrived home from school on a rainy day, the house being warm and rich with the cozy welcoming comfort only a loving family can create? Gone by the wayside as the technological revolution plows its way into and over the top of home, family and hearth… the very times that kept the family together for long generations past. Where is the time to sit down in the evening after a most scrumptious home cooked meal, and play card games, hooting and hollering all the while as we edge each other out in numbers and points… good fun competition, not critical? Where are the days when mom had special time with her bridge group on specially selected rotational days, a luxury of time out from the daily routine? Those days are gone, and from not so very long ago… as we accelerate ourselves into oblivion… ever seeking a faster way to get to “the end”. The end of what is the question! It is like the guy who is tailgating right up your bumper then recklessly swerves around you racing ahead only have you come causally rolling up alongside him at the stoplight. … You look over at him and smiling a little gleefully, thinking how ridiculous it all is… not unlike the fable of the tortoise and the hair. We are racing ourselves to death.

I remember what it was like to have not only climbed the tree and the feeling of satisfaction of the feat alone, but to then sit in the crook of the tree, wedging my bottom in just the right way so the tree and I would be securely fixed to one another. There, I felt a connection… to the tree and the life of that tree that was pulsing through its veins. There, I felt a solace unlike anything I had ever known… there, it was peaceful as the brilliant shades of the green leaves fluttered and sparkled in the late summer afternoon sunshine. There I believed I could see for miles and miles and that beyond what I could see, there was an infinite field of possibility that was only subject to what my immature and limited imagination could muster… and that was not much other than a knight in shining armor that would come and sweep me away into his love happily ever after, and the intruding idea that it was quickly getting dark, the street lights coming on, and it was time to go home, another fun-filled day coming to a close. I would sigh with resignation as I jumped to the ground, hopped on my bike and dashed home to the warmth and smell of mom’s special homemade spaghetti sauce that had been simmering on the stove all day. There was nothing like the freedom this was growing up… there was nothing like the sense of security and love that surrounded us children. Where has that all gone? Gone…. long forgotten, long longed for now in the hearts of many in this mad dash of an ever rapid whirling twirling world of instanteous gratification that can never really satisfy like the feeling of what it is like to sit in a tree. Remember?


Lori Suzanne Holetz lives in a redwood forest in California with her beloved twin flame, Gregory Barker. She is a Shaman Healer, mother of three, a designer/creator/writer, storyteller and dreamer… and she maintains a private healing practice. She continues to explore many creative endeavors to foster healing for the Earth. She lives by only one rule… Never harm the Great Mother, and never harm any of Her Children!

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