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how to get in the zone
dream theives
by jane dode

Dream Thieves

I read an amazing autobiography about a girl, Aklaine, who paints and writes poetry that is simply amazing. In fact, when she was only four years old, the “so-called” experts in this field, did not believe that she was the actual artist of the painting she created because they was so good (1). From the age of four, she had this passion to write poetry and paint, and she pursued her passion.

She exhibited all the key factors, which I mentioned amongst the athletes in my book, How to Get in the Zone. She exhibited the passion, purpose, focus, vision, and hard work, with the help of mentors, to develop her God-given gifts. The point that I am making is that these key factors can be applied to any endeavor, which you truly love and commit to pursue.

Negative mindsets are what some people call negative thought patterns or perspectives; others call it fear, and some use the word cynical, to describe these negative mindsets. A famous actor once said that success is impossible when an individual has cynical thinking. This man stated that he had the opportunity to meet the most successful people in all fields of life. He met billionaires, CEO's, some of the greatest athletes in his era, successful doctors, teachers…and discovered that they all had one thing in common (2).

The one thing they all had in common was that they all had a positive attitude and perspective. He noticed successful individuals always focused on the positive side of life and were never cynical. He stated that their attitude was, “The world does not owe me anything. They go out and find what they need without asking for permission; they are driven, talented, and work through the negatives by focusing on the positives” (2).

The place people refer to as “the zone” is not as mysterious as individuals make it out be, but it will still be a difficult road to get there. It is difficult because it takes sacrifice, commitment, and pressing through external and internal resistance. Also, an individual must often make the difficult decisions, and at the right time, in order to maximize his or her performance.

The reason that many people fail is not for lack of passion or purpose, but lack of resolve. It’s very easy to start a project but it’s another thing to keep the project going, and stick with it until it is finished. Many people back away from the dream in his or her heart because of the fear of going into unknown territory. This prospect brings a challenge and cost, which some people are not willing to pay. They may be bored with his or her present job, but at least he or she has job security. They may know that they are born to achieve more than what they are currently achieving, but they reason that at least they are comfortable.

Pursuing your passion and purpose will be challenging and challenged. You will encounter difficulties you have never experienced before. This is why individuals need to count the cost from the beginning of his or her pursuit of his or her passion and think it all the way through. Only the hasty and immature individual would move ahead without preparing to pursue his or her passion and purpose. In order to accomplish your purpose, you must set your heart on the plan for seeing it come to pass. You must not budge, hesitate, flinch or doubt, no matter what your family, friends, or circumstances have to say.

Above all, you must believe that you are a unique individual with gifts inside of you. You need to embrace this truth tightly. If you have a dream, embrace it with determination, so that it will not be stolen from you. Men and women who burn with passion to do something great in this world, often have dream thieves pressuring them and breaking them down, until they let his or her dreams slowly drain from his or her heart. Do you want to live an exciting and adventurous life or a “normal” boring life? Your greatest joy and adventure can only be found by following your passion and purpose, which may have been lying dormant in your heart.

(1) Kramarik, A. Kramarik F. (2006). Alkiane: her life, her art, her poetry. New York, NY: Thomas Nelson Publishing.
(2) Zimmerman, M. (2010, March). Why Men Fail. Mens Health Magazine; March Issue, p. 94
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I have two books published which are based on my fascination, education, and experience in the world of psychology. I teach psychology at the University of Phoenix and I have had over 20 years experience counseling young and old people in different settings. One of my books is under an anonymous name because I reveal the deep dark secrets of the locked down acute care mental hospitals I worked at. This is my favorite book because of the variety of humor, fright and sad stories as well as the unknown politics of the mental health system. My other book How to Get in Zone was based on my personal search of what it really meant and how to get in the zone. I studied and read the biographies of th

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jane dode
6.14.10 @ 1:30p

I find it interesting when you mention God in anyway ,that people become so defensive. For instance, if I state someone has a God-given talent than certain individuals assume that I am preaching on morals. I wonder why individual's are so sensitive? Maybe he or she has had an bad experience with religion like a lot people (myself included).

If I would be a preacher, morals would be that last thing I would preach on because Jesus stated He did not come to judge but to save. He also stated that the law or ten commandments kill, but the Spirit gives life. The bottom line is that nobody on Earth has ever been able to keep the ten commandments, and if you you say have than you are a liar.

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