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the killer within
by brandi kelley

Heart pounding, the rush is coming to an end, with the realization that “justice” has once again been served. Looking about to make sure that there has not been any evidence left behind to trace back, all that can been seen is the man blindfolded on the bed soaked in his own blood. Lying there as helpless as the moment they met. He had no idea what was in store for him as he sat at the bar drunk again. The smell of blood gave off an arousing sensation as the killer left the victims house, feeling whole and satisfied. The only trinket that was needed would be a picture and a small clipping of his almost perfect dark hair.
The thought of where to go and what to do next was far from the killers mind, as this was not the first time. The exit from the home was easy and the walk down the street to catch a taxicab was well rehearsed. Clean clothes were carefully chosen and carried in a backpack. Careful to not look suspicious the killer was able to convince everyone encountered that all was well and safely made it back home.
Once home the only thought in the killers mind is, I wonder how long it will take the police to even discover his body? Quietly, the killer turns on the television to watch the late night news, checking to see if there had been any errors in the previous killings. Again, all that was being reported was the usual stock market issues and what was going on in Iraq. Feeling that this night was the perfect night, the killer slipped on pajamas and drifted off to sleep.


I am a criminal justice student, who has taken an interest in the criminal mind. I have wondered why people behave the way they do, and what triggers a person to become a killer? My writing is my imagination of what I believe a life of a serial killer would be.

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