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electromagnetic fields & alzheimer's disease
by emanjah suzanne holetz (@emanjah)

Did anyone stop to think that the faster we create our electronic technology, the faster diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Lou Garrett’s are accelerating? Have we noticed that these are all neurological diseases that involve the balance of the central nervous system that is based upon delicate electrical impulses in the brain? We have long now been aware of electro-magnetic fields and the serious health implications they can have on a human body… but we seem to give it little credence. Why? This is not rocket-science.

The more technological equipment we create, the more we use it and the more is being broadcast around the world, the more we are wrapping a thick blanket of electricity around the planet. This is not rocket-science.

Electronic transmissions are electricity. Electricity is fire. Fire burns and destroys, uses oxygen to burn and dries up moisture. Hence, electronic transmissions are fire and we have now wrapped the planet in essentially an electro-magnetic blanket of fire, two to five miles thick. Then we sit back and wonder about global warming, the evaporation of whole bodies of water all over the world, the lack of oxygen and all the smoggy debris that is inciting a whole host of pulmonary diseases, amongst others. Again, this is not rocket-science people!

“So what?” … You may say. Well, this is “so what”…. If we have filled our environment with massive amounts of electro-magnetic electricity then essentially we are “swimming” in it. If you are in water for any length of time, does your skin not become saturated and wrinkly? If you are living in fields of massive amounts of electrical transmission that are “fire”… then it could stand to reason that the electricity would get into our bodies. It has already been observed that the archaic electric-shock treatments would send electricity into the brain and disturb the brain’s own delicate electrical impulses. It has already been observed that we can put a person to death by sending electricity into the brain. So if we are a product of our environment, then why would we dismiss and disregard the static electricity and massive electro-magnetic fields as inconceivable? This is ignorance and again…. This is not rocket-science people! Or is it?

Electricity is getting into our brains and bodies and causing an enormous host of rapidly escalating dis-eases, with numbers growing by the day. The more electrical technology we create and use, the more dis-ease grows proportionately. Our brains and bodies are being fried from the outside in and the inside out again as the body struggles against the invading electro-magnetic fields of electricity.

Is this any different than the whales who are beaching themselves? We sit back and scratch our heads, wondering why. Has anyone made any association between the delicate whale’s communication systems and the use of sonar and radar vastly through our oceans? Have we overlooked the fact that water is a conductor of electricity and magnifies the waves, sending them out in all directions like rings in a pool from a drop? Is it too hard to comprehend and understand that these larger pulses of electricity through the water are interfering with the whale’s brain impulses and ability to communicate with sound throughout their pods? And we wonder why they beach themselves. Is it too hard to understand that this electricity going through the water and through the whales’ brains is painful and the only way they can get away from it is to drive their selves up onto the beach to get out of the water? Is there anything else that might be large enough to chase the whales out of the waters… their natural habitat? The only things that chase indigenous beings out of their born environment are something that does not belong there or else the animals would not be driven out. How is it that the oceans seemed in harmony and symbiosis until the advent of our technological advancements in war submarines and sub-machines that are putting enormous amounts of unnatural electrical waves through the waters? This is not rocket-science people!!!

It is….. stupidity and ignor-ance! And I don’t know about you…. But I am extremely, increasingly intolerant of it. There is no longer an excuse! No longer can the fingers be pointed in another direction… as there is none!

Why else would there be a rising concern about EMFs?

So what impact is this having on the Earth as a whole? We as humans are not immune to these conditions, neither are all forms of life, and the electricity in the air is not only impacting electronic equipment, it is impacting every living being as well.

If you can imagine an electronic transmission going from point A to point B in as straight a line as possible it has to pass many things on the Earth, even if the transmission is coming from a satellite. It has been my finding that some of the electrical charges do not pass but rather get stuck within our bodies. This can cause everything from strokes to heart attacks and a whole host of other dis-eases as the electricity begins to collects and attract more of like kind. The electricity builds up along the nervous system until the inherent messages and transmissions created are no longer able 'get the message across' as was originally intended in the natural workings of the human body. Some people can hear crackles in their ears on a semi-constant basis….these crackles are the static electrical charges being fired off in the body and the release of these charges keeps the body well and healthy from any electrical build-up.

Our bodies are absorbing electricity at all times. A certain amount of subtle electrical impulses are necessary for our central nervous systems to operate properly, but we are now absorbing extremely high levels and once it gets into the body, it "hitchhikes" with the normal electrical firing, particularly in the brain and spinal cord, from there traveling outward to the distal parts of the body.

This is no different than the concern to be shielded when we go for an x-ray. If we know that this type of electric ‘wave’ in the form of x-rays is harmful to the body, enough to need a lead shield over the major organs of the body, why wouldn’t other types of electrical waves be harmful too? What about microwaves?

Electrical charges go straight into the body. The more lean the body is, the further they can penetrate all the way down into the bone marrow. Bone marrow by virtue of its own energetic vibration resonates with the fundamental building blocks of our DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) encoding. We could say that our genetic material within our bone marrow is being stimulated by electrical charges. What are the implications? Could this help explain the rise in obesity in areas of dense electrical energy usage? It seems that the people with some of the biggest ‘hearts’ spiritually have a tendency to gain weight to protect their internal heart. This is not necessarily a healthy situation but we might be able to see why the heart might instinctually try to protect itself by laying down layers of fatty tissue to insulate it.

The brain is particularly vulnerable, as is the heart, and this can cause everything from heart attacks to strokes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Lou Garretts, Bi-Polarism, and Schizophrenia. . This is a very serious problem that no one seems to be paying any attention to. We continue to believe that it is just the body breaking down, with no external cause. I have noticed in my healing session that there is a buildup of fluid between the skull and scalp. The head begin to feel spongy and seems to be creating a layer of fluid to shield the brain from this free-floating electricity.

Imagine that electrical impulses travel down nerve channels to all of the parts of the body. This is a normal process of functioning through the central nervous system, and is fairly well known in the field of medicine. Even Chinese Acupuncture works with this basic principal of functioning, working to 'interrupt' and release blocks of energy. But the question remains, where does the energy that creates the blocks come from and why does it get stuck in the first place?

I have seen electrical blocks in people who have had strokes. It appears that a single nerve, that would normally allow for the electrical impulses to travel along them to activate the particular 'command' for the body, gets blocked and then as more electrical impulses come along, a "traffic jam" is created with more accumulation of electricity in the brain along that nerve, it becomes an area where there is an increasing blockage and eventually the parts of the body that rely on messages and commands from that particular nerve area, begin to slow and then shut down because they are not receiving the necessary information for that function to follow through and enact the command.

The way that the human brain works is not unlike the way the computers we use work to a degree. And just like computers, we can only perform so many tasks at any one given time. Some people can do more than others, some less but the basic principle remains the same.

Our bodies collect static electricity, exactly as a computer or television screen collects static just like the clothes dryer collect, without a dryer static sheet. Our bodies have few outlets to discharge this electrical energy. Proper eating, resting and exercise help. Simply living a good life complete with all the physical necessities being met helps a great deal and remaining active keeps the neurological channels open and operating smoothly and easily. It is this that then enables us to feel well and happy, but this excess build up of electrical impulses must be discharged on a regular basis in order to the sense of well-being to become complete.

Now no one is immune from the massive electrical magnetic fields we have created. The entirety of the Earth is wrapped in electrical transmissions.... made of a hot, burning electrical 'fire'.

It has been my finding that some of the electrical charges do not pass but rather get stuck within our bodies. This can cause everything from strokes to heart attacks and a whole host of other dis-eases as the electricity begins to collects and attract more of like kind. The electricity builds up along the nervous system until the inherent messages and transmissions created are no longer able 'get the message across' as was originally intended in the natural workings of the human body. Some people can hear crackles in their ears on a semi-constant basis….these crackles are the static electrical charges being fired off in the body and the release of these charges keeps the body well and healthy from any electrical build-up.

“By 1990, over one hundred studies had been conducted worldwide. Of these, at least two dozen epidemiological studies on humans indicated a link between EMFs and serious health problems. In response to public pressure, the Environmental Protection Agency EPA) began reviewing and evaluating the available literature.”
“In a draft report issued in March 1990, the EPA recommended that EMFs be classified as a Class B carcinogen -- -a "probable human carcinogen and joined the ranks of formaldehyde, DDT, dioxins and PCBs.”

Known symptoms of electro-magnetics are:

dry skin
brittle hair, nails and bones
mental confusion
sexual dysfunction

And it is believed through studies that EMFs can also cause:

brain tumors
birth defects
chronic fatigue
heart problems
chest pain
and other health issues

and a new study is demonstrating that “electrohypersensitivity”, as it is being labeled, cause a disturbance in the metabolism of sugars, creating a “type 3” diabetes.

Where does it end? Turn off the electricity! This is not rocket-science!


Lori Suzanne Holetz lives in a redwood forest in California with her beloved twin flame, Gregory Barker. She is a Shaman Healer, mother of three, a designer/creator/writer, storyteller and dreamer… and she maintains a private healing practice. She continues to explore many creative endeavors to foster healing for the Earth. She lives by only one rule… Never harm the Great Mother, and never harm any of Her Children!

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kailey w
6.21.10 @ 12:11a

I research chemicals for my non-prof. :( Its sad what they've done to our planet. What they are willing to expose us to for money.

teymur roshdi
6.21.10 @ 6:33a

Very interesting scientific research which reveals the cause-effects of todays illnesses.But all the electricity and electromagnetic fields are quite recent, what if we go back in history from the early 19's centrury to 3000 years ago, considering for example the times of Moses.Who can prove that what happened in the pass-over day was not a sort of infectious disease like malaria caused by insects abundant in that area of Egypte?Infantil or cradle death weren't common?What about all the skin diseases in the time of the ancient prophets?Sudden death of some people in front of a crowd wasn't a heart attack?What about Job who caught all sort of diseases?Then by considering the time of Jesus of Nazareth all sort of illnesses are registered:leprosy,paralytic people maybe the result of poliomyelitis,eye-and-ear diseases which caused many people becoming blind and deaf or deaf-mute,and the mental illnesses or epilepsy which were treated as 'demon-possession'.What about the plague which exterminated sometimes all the population of a vast region in Europe during the early mediaeval era until the 100 years wars ,reaching the late Renaissance and the 18's century.What about the tuberculosis? Almost all people in 18 and 19's century were suffering of tuberculosis or the after-effects of syphilis.Who knows that cancer didn't take victims in the era of ancient greece golden ages or at the time of the splendour of the roman empire?Today we refer to all sort of these illnesses as an effect of technology and environment damages, but aren't all of the diseases we put a name on all of them as old as the humanity?

emanjah holetz
6.21.10 @ 6:27p

thank you for your thoughts ~

There is no doubt that unexplained illnesses have been with us throughout time. This is part of the natural selection process and the ways in which Mother Nature keeps populations, of any species at manageable levels. We were not immune to the stresses of life way back when... especially since life and survival in general was much more laborious. People worked very hard physically as they did not have the machines we have now. Most of the illnesses and diseases you are referring to were organic from natural organisms. Likewise, there was a higher mortality rate and there was also a higher rate of physical defects due to the spread of disease, etc. Again, these organic illnesses were part of the natural selection, and survival of the fittest. As a result, we have come to be a very strong and powerful, refined and intelligent human race, when we apply ourselves to the higher interest in goodness for all. Those who are less good or downright "evil" will not go on as a spirit or part of the continuance of the human race. The defects will be bred out through Nature's selective process. As the mortality rate has dropped with our new "medicines"... populations have swollen to stress the resources of the planet and as a result, Nature is having to "weed out the weak" and that is when plagues and epidemics break out... in order to cut down on the population.

I have seen this in Marin County where I live. About every 5 years the populations of the foxes, raccoons and other critters swell and then distemper will sweep through the county. People will see the animals up on the mountain trails wandering aimlessly, confused and disoriented with the illness. I even had a mother raccoon come into my living room one morning and come nose to nose with my baby boy when I had left the room for a moment. She had become very sick with tuberculosis and distemper and had to be put down as her little baby yelped across the street from inside the gutter drain.

The difference is that these illnesses are organic as opposed to "man-made" through the use of electricity. Even electricity is not bad when used properly and responsibly... the problem is that our populations have exploded and our technology is out of control and being used very carelessly without any thought to the long term consequences. Now we are seeing the consequences of the last 100 years since the Industrial Revolution and it is within this last 100 years that we have done the most damage to the planet proportionately. We are out of control...
These "newer" illnesses like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Lou Garretts among others are neurological illness and deal with the delicate natural electrical impulses of the brain and body. These EMF's are penetrating the body and brain and disrupting the natural flow of these impulses and we are manifesting these "mental" dis-eases, in addition to all the other symptoms that

teymur roshdi
6.22.10 @ 5:50a

You are absolutely right with your insightful analysis of our world within the last 100 years.In that case if we apply the 'darwinism' and the 'natural selection to our era too, maybe we will get the same result than what we got throughout the human history.For example, in one side we have an exploded worldwide population and in the other side we have all the 'imaginable' technology.If we look at this as a mathematical equation, and if we take the 'darwinism' as a 'constant', the result would be the same:the strongest and the fittest would survive despite of all the air pollution ,water pollution, noise pollution, nuclear wastes of the nuclear plants, electricity and electromagnetic fields etc. Recently I heard that in Bangladesh the water of wells were polluted by arsenic withing the layers of the soil, many people escaped the 'empoisining' and remained intact but lot of others died.This was just an example in agreement with your statement about the natural selection.But if all the people who are presently safe and aware of the destructive impact of some of our man-made illnesses, do they have the power of stopping this harmful process?Because if you say that everything is out of control, then we should take ourselves as 'potential victims' and awaiting our disappearence with a total awarness, but if we are conscious and if we have the necessary power or authority , in that case maybe we would be able to reverse the trend of this destructive process.

kailey w
6.22.10 @ 2:59p

i run a co calle Hemp for Fuel...what most people dont knnow is this never had to happen. Hemp could create everything we make from fossil fuels & forests. Henry Ford made a car using hemp, news footage of this can be found on utube @ a link to it is on myspace.com/hempfor fuel.

It was oil barons & other private interests that burried hemp.

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