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what about the sacral-cranial rhythm?
~ why have we forgotten ~
by emanjah suzanne holetz (@emanjah)

First it is essential to know exactly what the Sacral-Cranial Rhythm (or cranial-sacral depending on who you ask) is. This is one of the basic, most important and fundamental rhythms of the human body, comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. And yet, no doctor ever speaks of this rhythm… let alone check it. The sacral-cranial rhythm is the rhythm of balance within the body. It is the flow of the spinal fluid up the spine from the sacrum to the cranium, bringing fresh oxygen to the brain and “washing away” the dead cells the brain is sloughing off, just like the way the rest of the body’s cells die and are replaced. Why would we think that when brain cells die, we create no more? This is ridiculous!

The fluid of the spine flows up and down on both sides of the body. It is the sacral-cranial rhythm that keeps the body in balance on both sides. However, the condition of the Earth and the environment we live in is not conducive to a balanced state. The increase in gravity and the distortion of the Earth’s magnetic fields through the use of electricity and the creation of electro-magnetic fields has wreaked havoc on the fragility of the human body and no one is exempt from the impact these fields are having on our bodies on a daily basis.

Our “modern” western medicine places great emphasis on the respiration which pumps the lungs, re-oxygenates the body and blood; the heartbeat, pulse and blood pressure, which keep the fresh blood pumping through the body to disperse the fresh oxygen to the cells. No doubt these aspects of a well functioning body are extremely important, but so is the sacral-cranial rhythm which is always neglected.

Ultimately the sacral-cranial rhythm starts in the pelvis where the fluid is re-oxygenated. The frontal pelvic bones (a.s.i.s. or the anterior superior iliac spine) will move very subtly in and out as this movement pumps the fluid up and down the spine. As the bones move out they press in on the sacrum in the back and this forces the fluid up into the brain. As the bones move back in, they release the pressure on the sacrum and this allows the fluid to flow back down into the sacrum again for re=-oxygenation. This rhythm circulates about 8 to 12 times a minute depending on the metabolism and proper functioning of the body and should flow equally and simultaneously up both sides of the spine, “feeding” each side of the body and brain alike. However, this is not the case and in the many years of my private healing practice, I have yet to see anyone’s rhythm in balance. After a while, I had to ask why this was the case in every individual and what was causing the imbalance. What could have this kind of enormous impact on a constant basis to everyone I encountered? What could have enough power to be able to twist and pull upon our bodies enough to distort the workings of the systems? There was only one thing that could account for this and we are just now tapping into the myriad of effects electro-magnetic fields are having upon the entirety of the workings of our delicately balanced bodily systems.

Pulses of electro-magnetic energy fields are flexible and elastic. They twist and turn, bend and fold, push and pull on anything they come in contact with. I have watched powerful fields distort the walls and ceilings of buildings and even bend metal grates and twist plumbing over a period of time. I could only imagine what impact these fields were having upon our physical body skeletal structures. Our bodies are “swimming” in massive magnetic fields as we increase our use of electronics. With use, we are spilling tremendous amounts of electricity and electrical impulses and transmissions into our atmosphere and our bodies are not immune to the impact of these fields. As these strong fields push in on and twist our bodies, our functioning systems are impacted and thrown out of balance. In addition, these powerful fields are increasing the gravitation pull of the Earth and this is increasing the weight bearing down upon our bodies. And we wonder why so many have spinal problems and the incidence of scoliosis is increasing. With these pressures pushing in upon our bodies, our skeletons are being twisted and torque, pushed and pulled and distorted in all dimensional planes, moving in all directions constantly at all times. This skeletal distortion is very subtle and we do not notice it until our body is so “out of whack” that we experience pain and imbalance. As our body is distorted, the synchronization of the sacral-cranial rhythm is thrown out of balance. This impacts our equilibrium and the ability for our brain to function properly, creating a lack of clarity and confusion, forgetfulness, sluggishness, headaches, as well as a whole host of depleted brain activity as the brain is deprived of the equal distribution of fresh oxygen. Essentially, the brain then sits in “swampy” brain fluid that is stagnate and lacks the proper nutrients to feed the brain. Then we sit back and wonder why so many elders, as they are the most vulnerable, are falling down and getting mentally “confused” in so many ways. This is now out of control in enormous proportion. Now this is a very simplistic explanation and does not account for the imbalance of brain and body totally and many other environmental factors have to be considered as well. But the largest impact is being done by these silent, but deadly electro-magnetic fields.

In addition to the pelvic bones, the sacral-cranial rhythm can be felt at the temples or sphenoid bones on the side of the face. It is a very subtle movement up and down with a slight pause at each end, at about 8 to 12 cycles per minute; the faster the rhythm, the faster the brain activity, indicative of higher intelligence. The pallet of the mouth also moves very slightly in and out with this rhythm and is easily felt and accessed in infants. Ultimately, it is necessary to feel the two sides of the body working in harmony, equally together to keep the entirety of the body and its systems in balance optimally. A fully functioning rhythm with full range of motion up and down in synchronization balances the equilibrium of the body and helps to keep all systems functioning at their maximum capabilities. However this is not the case, and we spend enormous amounts of time, energy and money trying to figure out what is “wrong” with us, why we are having so many “symptoms” and looking every which way but in the most simple and obvious place. A balanced sacral-cranial rhythm can solve many minor health issues and help promote the body’s well-being.

Using a soft touch and a little pressure of resistance, a practitioner can release any restrictions in the sacral-cranial system in order to improve the functioning of the central nervous system.

In conjunction with the body's natural healing processes, sacral-cranial therapy is increasingly being used as a preventive health measure for its ability to bolster resistance to disease, and its effectiveness for a wide range of medical problems associated with pain and dysfunction, including:

• Problems associated with Balance and Equilibrium
• Migraine Headaches
• Chronic Neck and Back Pain
• Motor-Coordination Impairments
• Colic
• Autism
• Central Nervous System Disorders
• Orthopedic Problems
• Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries
• Scoliosis
• Infantile Disorders
• Learning Disabilities
• Chronic Fatigue
• Emotional Difficulties
• Stress and Tension-Related Problems
• Fibromyalgia and other Connective-Tissue Disorders
• Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ)
• Neurovascular or Immune Disorders
• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
• Post-Surgical Dysfunction
• Mental Illness and other Brain Diseases and Syndromes

Ironically, this is a “quick fix” and can be rebalanced by someone who knows how to feel this rhythm, in as few as five minutes! This certainly would take quite a bit of “business” away from many doctors as

“Pioneers” of this new age, like John Upledger of the Upledger Institute in Florida, have dedicated themselves to the understanding and re-establishment of the knowledge of this important aspect of the human body. Unfortunately, our western medical “professionals” remain skeptical, exclusive and dismissive of this vital aspect of the workings of our systems.

Why have we forgotten? This is why!

Reference: The Upledger Institute http://www.upledger.com
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Lori Suzanne Holetz lives in a redwood forest in California with her beloved twin flame, Gregory Barker. She is a Shaman Healer, mother of three, a designer/creator/writer, storyteller and dreamer… and she maintains a private healing practice. She continues to explore many creative endeavors to foster healing for the Earth. She lives by only one rule… Never harm the Great Mother, and never harm any of Her Children!

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teymur roshdi
6.30.10 @ 12:54p

Very informative article about the 'balance' of our health,but this would seem a 'luxury' for the majority of the worldwide population who are just struggling for their 'survival'.The big cities are so polluted that finding a 'bottle' of fresh air or oxygene to refresh our cells is almost impossible.Indoor or outdoor is the same,we just breathe a very toxic 'air',not only full of carbone oxyde, but full of all sort of tiny elements, metals and unidentified particles.Where should we go to find a 'fresh air'?What about the noise pollution or the waters pollution?The electromagnetic fields come after all of these.It is said "be rich or die", we can buy all sort of comfort with money and eventually living in good health and longer despite of all these man-made pollutions, and if we are not rich enough to take care of our health, then our survival would depend on luck or 'natural selection', anyway good-luck for anyone who lives on this planet!

emanjah holetz
7.1.10 @ 12:09a

I understand completely... except for one thing... this world is backwards and our perceptions and beliefs are backwards as well.

These powerful electro-magnetic fields are what is causing all the particles in our air to be suspended in the air and not capable of moving up and into the outer stratespheres where it would be expelled out into the vacuum void of the cosmos. There "like attracts like" and the particles that are now magnetically charged from the electrical fields, collect in what is now being called "dark matter".. this has not been observed in the universe before so why now? and what would cause this to form?

The increase in these fields at a constant rate as we continue to bombard the atmosphere with electrical transmissions, this has caused these particles to be trapped and charged and instead of moving outward, they are now falling to earth creating and accelerating illness and dis-ease, especially with the cardio-pulmonary system.

In addition, these intense fields are also trapping human emotional vibrations which happens to be a fairly large blanket of fear over the earth. Like attracts like vibrations, and fear begets more fear. The "gang mentality" is a perfect example of how it feeds on itself.

The heaviness of these fields, the heavy and depressing feelings of fear, anger and rage in general for all that is wrong with the world at this time
in addition to the magnetic aspect of all of this is creating a number of problems that are exacerbating the whole bad situation. These magnetic fields are just like magnets and operating in exactly the same way in accordance with the laws of physics. The difference is that these "electricity magnets" in the way of these enormous globe wrapping fields are more "fluid" and ripple like rings in water. This is causing the global natural magnetic field to be compromised in its delicate nature. This is why the seasons are getting off and the magnetic north pole has shifted causing a "worbel" in the daily, monthly and yearly rotations. Because these individual rotations is independent within its own orbit, with the other orbits within them like the way a clock with wheels and cogs works, separately, but all together as a perfectly balanced "machine".... thus is the Earth's rotations, and how they are in relations to all the other planetary bodies in our solar system... and then how our solar system which is now out of balance as well because of the earth's sever imbalance.

Our solar system is a wheel within our galaxy which is a wheel within our part of the universe... everything is relative and the entirity of the cosmos is (was) one big well working perfectly balanced "machine", and not the chaos believed. Because of our "limited vision", with no thought of how very, very tiny we are in the grand scheme of things, we do not see any of this. But it is not hard, when you understand how spinning wheels of energy and matter work

emanjah holetz
7.1.10 @ 12:12a

p.s. If we create balance in our own personal lives... we will generate balance around us, and that will ripple out to others who will be touched with the admiration of your peaceful sense of balance. We DO impact others all the time.

teymur roshdi
7.1.10 @ 5:20a

Thank you for your scientific explanation,but if the electromagnetic fields created by all sort of devices are responsible for the damages inflicted to the environment , then what is your suggestion to restore everything?Destroying all engines run by electricity or electronics?This is impossible,we just have to follow the trend of the technology and to accept all its consequences,we can't go backward in history.On the other hand I wonder how my well-balanced personal life would affect the quality of the air.


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