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everyday reflections
~ getting it right and staying on the path
by emanjah suzanne holetz (@emanjah)

It is frequently said by an exasperated father or mother who is experiencing a struggle with a child, “They don’t come with instructions!”… and right that may be to some degree. But it really becomes a matter of perception and if we can begin to look at life and life’s events and interactions from a different view, we can come to understand how life does come with instructions, we have just forgotten where “we put them”… and that is the absolutely truth. We have literally forgotten and lost the ancient wisdom of how to navigate through our lives in order to thrive and reap life’s rich rewards within the simplicity of what is laying right before our feet each and every day. I have come to find that there are many more reflections of the messages of the Universe and its unperceived order of fate and destiny, than anyone is seeing. This came about for me in two ways.

First, I began to see a pattern within the things I had done and the people I had been involved with and how each and every one of those things, was a stepping stone and held certain lessons through those experiences that I would very definitely need the skills I had learn in the future for my true life purpose. It all pointed to and became a “tool” in my “tool belt for life” that I was most definitely going to be called up for something in the future. Thus, I could look back and have a much clearer understanding of “why” whatever transpired, had. This would do wonders for easing any pain and grief I had experienced through those events that were traumatic… as they had very definitely needed to happen in order for me to get the tool or the “gem of the prize” that that particular lesson held for me. These lessons and tools would become invaluable in recall in my near future.

Second, I began to see that poems, songs, artists, movies, books and the like had been displaying informational clues for me that pointed to the path I was headed down. It became clear that I had missed all the signs, in my unconscious disconnection, of all the spiritual forces that were swirling around me, completely unbeknownst! I would look around repeatedly in astonishment every day as this unveiled itself to me. I could not believe how much I had been missing that was right under my nose…. that which our society at large around me had made completely impossible, unreal, untrue and therefore, unbelievable to any “rational and logical” mind. So much so that there were countless “experts in the various areas of medicine and psychiatry” who would claim with absolute resolve, staking their entire careers and reputations on their “absolute” knowledge that “these things DO NOT EXIST”… and furthermore, I was completely mentally disturbed for thinking and believing otherwise. And yet, here it all was revealing itself to me, or more likely, me waking up to its ever presence and what a fool I had been in my “sleepwalking” through my life up to this point.

This continued to reveal itself day after day repeatedly, consistently and logically, despite what anyone else had to say as an outsider looking in on my personal experience that no one else could possibly be experiencing. It was not their gift of Spirit… it was mine. And one I had very specifically asked for and made my own private “covenant” with MY GOD for MY LIFE. (hence the word “coven” as so often referred to in connection to witches) This was not for anyone to judge or act in a contrary way, throwing massive obstacles in my way and sidetracking me in their desperate attempt to “control me” and somehow fit me into their pre-determined and defined “box” of acceptable behavior… despite the fact, that that was clearly NOT my pathway and that I had chosen that path, agreed to and accepted it, and maintained my own relentless stay of course no matter what anyone did to alter the reality. They were acting on something that they were ill-equipped to act on and had no business sticking their nose into in the first place for their lack of knowledge of and in my case, what elements a “shamanistic journey/spirit quest” constituted. In this realm… they had no knowledge or expertise, yet our society arrogantly prances around as if we have all the answers… we do not, we have very few of the answers in reality… and our “narrow vision” and our unwillingness to expand our minds, even though that is exactly what was intended by the Creator, is becoming our demise… rapidly.

We are stunting our own growth and then boasting about our technological “advances” when we have completely missed the signposts and symbols nature has and is laying right before us every day, in every way. I came to shake my head on many occasions as I would think about how much was around and how no one else was seeing it either…. yet. I came to become very angry at the utter stupidity, ignorance and literally retarded nature of all these health care “experts” who in reality knew with “absolute” resolve, very little about anything around them other than the very narrow channel of “medicine” they had limited themselves to, denying anything that was outside their defined “box” of knowledge that was “acceptable” by the “experts” higher up the medical “expert” list of authority… who knew even less because they had long since left the real trenches of active practice for the retired nature of their “justified and deserved” status as elder. It was all bullshit in its nature of ignorance and in no way resembled any form of true healing and thriving from the heart and soul interconnected with nature and science meeting through all the realms of life, each interdependent upon one another for ultimate survival of the fittest. We had long forgotten all of this. And now, it was all collapsing in on itself to a point where it is all disintegrating faster than it can rebuild… and currently earthly conditions in every way, are perpetuating further prevention of that reconstruction. We are only finding ways to manage the organized disaster we have created globally in all areas of life, but particularly in the field of medicine, we are curing nothing, but rather only coping with, and it is all spiraling down into the impending ruin of all if we do not stop and take a different look at what is really all around each and every one of us that nature, in its infinite wisdom, continually and relentlessly shows us, every moment of every day if we will only learn how to see again.

In hindsight, there had been signs and symbols pointing the directions and way all along my life…. I had just not been clued into this, clearly was not taught to and ultimately never learned to see this cosmic interplay as had been taught through the wisdom of the sacred holy shamen of the indigenous tribes of all the lands throughout the history of time on Earth. These shamen, true healers, held this magical wisdom and passed it to those who were worthy and could be trusted with this holy sacred interpersonal relationship with the Great Creator and Master Plan…this is Spider Woman and Tewa… and “they” have now arrived amidst us. The “gods” have returned to Earth… have you “seen” them yet? It is very exciting indeed!


Lori Suzanne Holetz lives in a redwood forest in California with her beloved twin flame, Gregory Barker. She is a Shaman Healer, mother of three, a designer/creator/writer, storyteller and dreamer… and she maintains a private healing practice. She continues to explore many creative endeavors to foster healing for the Earth. She lives by only one rule… Never harm the Great Mother, and never harm any of Her Children!

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