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into the time of the great oneness
~ getting it together now ~
by emanjah suzanne holetz (@emanjah)

I spend a good deal of time watching the global trends and what has been and is being shown to us, particularly through books, movies and television. There are very definitive themes that are the new threads that are in turn weaving the vision of the paradise the Earth and all life upon it was supposed to be as designed by our Illustrious Creator. Yet, I am astonished by the continued aggression upon the planet that continues to miss what is right beneath our noses. Maybe we have just become too persnickety for our own good, too highbrow, too arrogant, too “know-it-all”…. It appears so.

But the Great Wave that is the spiritual re-creation of the new world, the “Fifth World”, according to the Native American Hopi Indian Tribe’s prophecy of the “Blue Butterfly Kachina” through which the coming will signify the bursting forth of the new blue beauty the Earth shall become. It is already happening. And, based upon what I am seeing in our everyday world, no matter what country you are in, this is taking place. The only exception is in small pockets where there is continued conflict. The most vast portion, based upon geographical locations, major cities and populations, is in and of itself, in a non-conflict status and thus, subject to this great shift and the better part of the positive energy behind it. All those prayers should have been for naught.

Many of the programs on television are subconsciously geared toward keeping us home, cozy, watching movies in a vast array of subjects with family themes. There is an emphasis on culture, traditions, community, friendship, the kitchen, and mothers, as the Spirit continues to accelerate this global shift in perceptions and consciousness, back towards the Great Mother again, and slowing down enough to think before we act, to become informed and thus, become responsible to do right by all life.

We are hearing many “stories”. The time of storytelling has returned and as little Nullah says in the recent movie “Australia”, “Tell em story. That’s what keeps them people belonging”. Movies and television programs of course tell stories. But we are hearing more about the “telling” of the story. Movies like “Titanic” and “Fried Green Tomatoes” are played out in a “storytelling” way, moving back and forth through time, as the elder speaks of remembering days gone by, of a time that was of a slower pace, a gentler way.

There is also emphasis on ancestors and elders… as shamen, teachers, the wise ones, and this is shifting the tide of how many elders have been disrespected, dishonored and disenfranchised from family, friends, and community, in the wrongful perception that they are somehow used up, fragile and essentially worthless, just existing awaiting their impending expiration date, having nothing really to offer from their many years of experience throughout their lifetime.

The presence of double and triple digit numbers is also playing its part in this shift. The significance of the multiple digits, as I have written about, is to activate and open perceptual “doors” within the human brain, thus increasing and sharpening our awareness of the world around us. Of course the numbers appear outside of our bodies, and this sets up our focus to be outside of our internal thoughts and preconceptions. Each number has an assigned significant meaning which triggers certain accelerations in the physical restructuring in the brain through its normal evolutionary process.

Things like Route 66, the 55 mph speed limit, the television program “Room 222”, and “Agent 99” in the hit program “Get Smart”, are again, Spirits subconscious way of awakening and evolving us into higher more conscious beings… more conscious of the world around us, not just our narrow focus that is the immediacy of our daily lives. We tend to filter the world around us through this focus to the exclusion of most of the rest of the world… and yet we think ourselves clever and intelligent. How intelligent is it when science has actually discovered that the human brain is shrinking? How intelligent is it that we have caused more destruction to the planet in the last 100 years with the advent of the “industrial revolution” that has very nearly destroyed all of Mother Nature’s gifts, than in the entirety of the total existence of man through tens of thousands of years? How can we even consider ourselves an “evolved intelligence” when we do not see or even care for that matter about the generations to come, living only in the “power of NOW!” disastrously, taking, exploiting and destroying everything in our wake? We need to slow down and literally “smell the roses”… and take notice of the vast world around us, en total, before Armageddon is created with visions of bombings dancing in people’s heads. How evolved is that? The great shift in perception has begun and is coming headlong at break-neck speed in a desperate attempt to bring this girl around. No one will be immune or be able to run and hide… this is accelerated evolution in progress. Since the dawn of time, even with our advanced technologies, we have not been able to capture or prevent evolution, despite our often twisted attempts to do just that. We cannot improve upon our Great Mother’s Nature and it is astonishing just how much we have gotten away from and forgotten this very nature within ourselves. Thus devolution, and this is where we find ourselves, perched upon the balance of which way we will tip…and this, fundamentally depends upon people’s perceptions of what is good/bad, right/wrong, black/white, conservative/liberal or any other staunch extreme. Now is the time to bring it all back into balance and slow down our global pace. This is why we are being shown these themes.

Unearthing archeological finds, the ancient mysteries
Prophecies revealed and manifesting
The Earth and planetary awareness
Historical events and people
Telling stories (personal)
Highlighting individual/personal stories
Return of relationships with animals, plants and the natural world
God, religion, the bible and its stories
Time/space continuum and moving through it, time ‘bending’ (astronomy)
Alternate dimensions, portals and pre-cognizance
Supernatural, parapsychology and paranormal events, psychic people/
Fantasy characters ~ fairies, hobbits, trolls, etc…
Comedy (lightening up and using humor to teach)
Earth, wildlife Plants, Animals, the oceans and the natural world
Stories of special children (indigos/crystalline/rainbow)
extraordinary talents and protégés
Earning our living through our talents and succeeding
Law & Order, return of justice (mysteries revealed and solved ~
reform of corrupt systems)
Officials, governments, police, mafia, cartels exposed
Elders and their wisdom
Native Americans & Indigenous peoples of the world cultures
Black culture and success within
Extra-terrestrials and UFOs
Military and War stories revealed
The Homeless and other poverty of the world/ acts of kindness
Apocalypse and Armageddon (prophecies)
Taboos and cultural traditions revealed
Family reunions and adventures/reconciliations (going home or being found)
Etheric creatures/elves, fairies, trolls, hobbits,
Underdogs winning/ elderly success
True love finally coming and soul mates
Superheroes & overnight sensations
Dreams and wishes fulfilled
Twins being born
Looking into the past or future/temporal displacement
Truth being told
God in different guises… a black man, a woman, a regular guy
Science (astronomy, geology, oceanography
King & Queen themes
Understanding how things work
Miracles & supernatural events
Mental disorders (teaching us through examples)

Now there is no doubt that the advent and indulgence in the renaissance age of electronic technology and computers has allowed and afforded us this profound luxury of a unbelievably vast amount of available information that never existed before, however, life before in general was vastly less complicated as well.

There truly is an aspect of relativity that cannot be ignored, and it is embedded within Einstein’s greater all encompassing theory of relativity. Or, if you will, a microcosm of the macrocosm. These themes are a very clear demonstration of that relativity, through the inner workings, the “cogs” of the machine in smaller detail. Again, made possible through this great technology. The problem arises when we become too dependent upon life through this technology and the synthetic synthesis of that life with “plastic” that we become endangered. We, as humans, are the endangered species as a whole and we are going to take every other species with us if we do not begin to shift our perspectives and our rigid self-righteous beliefs. Flexible is as flexible does, to refer to the loving “Forrest Gump”. The more easygoing we are, the more easygoing life will be….yet we maintain our frenzies.

The massive fracturing and bombardment of information, a.k.a. the world wide web despite its virtues, has a dark backside that we are well aware of, bring “to light” the seedy underbelly of humanity. Well, this too is a revealing of sorts. The point is to make us more aware of our own sense of self and identity, to fine tune it, creating more definition around our own unique individuality. There is a shifting into focus this individuality while at the same time bringing us all into the “oneness” of humanity within the oneness of all life on earth, and further beyond into our relationship with the cosmos, each very reliant and symbiotically balanced upon on another, that is the great web of all life.

There is a “voice” that is proclaiming the Spirit of Independence that is within the whole and the individuals there as part of that whole… thus, the whole becomes not only reliant upon each part, but balanced and symbiotic in perfect harmony. Of course there is never absolute perfection and this accounts for the variations upon a “theme” that we see. Not unlike the retelling of old classic Shakespearean plays with a modern day setting. The themes are still relevant and truly portray aspects of our human condition that ever remain based sheerly upon the nature of being human. All cultures at all times, come to the crossroads of these relevant themes and they become the stories that are our means of teaching. As it has always been, even before we had texting and kindles! We believe we are “reaching out and touching someone” but in reality we are disconnecting from everything that is around us. Then we are expected to stay in the power of “now”… carpe diem, except we don’t see the opportunities when the universe drops them upon us in the moment. We are too busy living in the next few seconds as we anticipate our messages being received on the other end, and how we will respond after then. If that is not ‘living in the future” I don’t know what it is and I don’t think that was what was intended in the beginning for life other than to life responsibly in the present to “pre serve” the future for our children. Virtually anyone who can afford the technology is future-tripping, so much so, that we are not even really in our bodies with our consciousness. Then we wonder why we can’t figure our bodies out and why they are falling into ruin. Conversely, we spend so much time unconsciously in the present that we forget to give the future any real thought, we don’t “have time”. We truly are backwards, conflicted and contra-indicated within ourselves, and this is by all definitions, “broken”. If we cannot be whole within ourselves, we cannot be whole for our family and if our families are not whole, our communities suffer and if the communities suffer, so does the land and all that surrounds it. The “buck” stops within our very selves, our very bodies and the rightness (or wrongness) we choose to steer our lives towards. We need to get our “seeing” and our “vision” clear again. We are clearly too polluted and everything has become toxic. Then we wonder why we are seeing so many mental illnesses, growing at alarming rates. We need to stop, see and clear our hearts the very first thing, and then go from there. We cannot expect it to come from without us or have someone else do it. It needs to come from within… we need to clean our own homes first!

Just look at the environment, what surrounds us and what we choose to put within ourselves …. Once in a while would be great! You might just even enjoy it a bit more than the plastic in your hand. “There ain’t nothing like the real thing…. Baby!”


Lori Suzanne Holetz lives in a redwood forest in California with her beloved twin flame, Gregory Barker. She is a Shaman Healer, mother of three, a designer/creator/writer, storyteller and dreamer… and she maintains a private healing practice. She continues to explore many creative endeavors to foster healing for the Earth. She lives by only one rule… Never harm the Great Mother, and never harm any of Her Children!

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