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we are abbreviating ourselves to death
by emanjah suzanne holetz (@emanjah)

Ever stop to notice how many things we have come to abbreviate these days. It seems as if we are almost talking in code. Just take a look at your children chatting on Facebook or such… they have come up with an abbreviated language that is all their own with just using first letters like OMG (Oh My God!) and and old favorite … lol (lots of laughs).

Once again, we have complicated things to the ridiculous, in the backwards attempt to make our ever increasing complex life much more simple. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are making nothing easier…. it is all just getting more out of control, spinning out an utter organized disaster complete with all our “shortcuts”…. and they are just that…. short cuts that ultimately in the end…. are only leading to the deepest cut of all…. the utter destruction of it all.

How so?... you might ask. Well, this is how…. As we have moved further and further away from our inherent connection with our Great Mother, the very Earth we stand upon each and every day, we are also moving away from ourselves…. and each other. We have become so independent that we have lost the sense of the very basic need for dependence. Without connection, we die… it is that simple… and yet, we are all out there, in the daily “trenches” of the battle of life and existence…. and we don’t even know what we are fighting for anymore. What’s it all about if there is a dwindling sense of the need for connection…. to the point of complete disenfranchisement leading to complete disconnection. We are all dying from this rampant dis-ease… and yet, we look in every other direction searching high and low for all the wrong answers to the wrong questions…. it is still…. all backwards.

So, as we spin ever faster and faster, our great Earth hurling through the cosmos in an increasingly distorted relationship with all the others; plants, animals, planets, stars, moon and sun, we are so caught up in the frenzy of chaotic life… that we have become near hopelessly lost… of all sense of fundamental purpose and connection to each other, and all other life that is so extremely vital in the great web of all existence. What in the world is wrong with us??? Just about everything!

More and more illness and disease is manifesting in a great attempt to cut sheer volume and numbers of humans and our new technological wonders of science that are ultimately raping and pillaging all of existence in this beautiful place we call home, on Earth. For shame! As these diseases manifest and progress…. do we see anyone at all, in any area of science solving or curing anything….. no we absolutely do not. Our “sophisticated” health care systems are nothing more than a "clusterfuck" of chaotic attempts to cope with and manage our sick systems…. nothing more, nothing less. And it is healing no one. In addition, we think ourselves “clever” with the glib abbreviations we tack onto everything these days.

If your child is extremely intelligent, you have noticed it, and he or she has a hard time sitting still for the monotonous simple teachings in school of 1+1 when your kindergartner is somehow “magically” cognizant of algebra at his or her tender age… we deem them hyperactive, and just as easily slap on a label, which is such the trend these days right on down to the ridiculousness of clothing designers who earn billions for their name alone in a starving impoverished world. A.D.D., A.D.H.D., O.M.G., T.G.I.F., S.I.D.S., S.A.D., and on and on and on it goes….. where it stops, no one knows. No matter how we “slice and dice” one another in a myriad of different ways, it all still spells degradation and ultimately utter annihilation of all that is good, right and true in the way of the great inherent, instinctual healing that is the way of the natural world and our blessed Mother of whom we are of, not… the other way around.

Indigenous cultures around the world have lived in harmony, health and well-being for thousands and thousands of years… and yet, out modern technologically “advanced” world, has managed to taint and destroy nearly everything in a matter of a little over a hundred years. Does this sound like “forward thinking” to you? It is quite backwards, severely and destructively at that, rapidly bringing our gorgeous planet and the web of Her beautiful creatures that span across Her magnificent face, into desperate peril. We all know this by now… the question remains, what we do about it? And as we madly make a last ditch scrambling effort to rescue it all, including ourselves, are we really getting the message about what caused it all in the first place. No one seems to really know, and the answers are sitting, very simplistically, right under our noses… but we are looking too far out onto the proverbial “horizon” to even see the tragic picture right before us. It is not any one thing that is ripping it all apart… it is eight billion and counting…. as again, this new day, our beautiful Mother heaves another sigh of deep sadness and heartache for her utter destruction at man’s misinformed incompetence perpetuated on a daily basis. Can we outrun the momentum of the impending disastrous result? That remains to be seen. We can “green” ourselves into hysteria at the opposite end of the spectrum, but that is not going to create the balance that has been lost and is so dearly needed for the perpetuation and well-being of all… not just humans. We are the least of Her worries, and if we were to take a good look at the number of species in the world, in relation to the human species and its volume, we as human beings are quite outnumbered when it comes to comparing those beings who have and are still making an effort to live in harmony and respect of this great body we stroll upon each day, and us as “deaf, dumb and blind” people. And we wonder why natural disasters are increasing in frequency and intensity… are we really that stupid as to not see a good “house cleaning” when we see one?

It might sound ridiculous but in our fast paced, abbreviated world, we are speeding into oblivion faster than we can even imagine, as our leaders make desperate attempts to reassure and ease our minds of things they do not even have answers to, simultaneously making all kinds of “projects” as to what the future will hold in the way of deleting resources and rising numbers of diseases. It is ridiculous to the absurd and yet, we are all looking to these great leaders for answers that we all know they do not have, and then we criticize them for it. We expect too much, we expect perfection, instantly, and yet spend literally all of our time in increasing imperfection that is becoming more and more discordant with each passing day. We want the answers to be delivered to us perfectly on a “silver platter”… someone else doing the necessary work, while we make all kinds of excuses as to “why” or “why not” we ourselves, as one person, one family cannot possibly make a difference in even the smallest way, failing to recognize the vast connection between every living being and how the slightest “tug” on the web of life can cause a ripple of destruction throughout the whole, far out into the universe even. Do we really think that our impact upon this planet does not impact the relationship between the planets, the sun, the moon, the stars, the galaxy, and their orbits and relationships to one another? How very short-sighted and ridiculous to the absurd we truly are, in this most absurd of times. And we think that if we just go a little faster, abbreviate our lives at every possible opportunity, somehow this will work, “short cutting” us right to disenfranchisement and complete disconnection. Sometimes the shortcuts are not in the best interest of the whole. We have become so independent that we have fractured away from the whole interconnectedness of all life, that we have completely forgotten the absolute necessity of that very connectedness that indeed keeps us whole. Again, this is all backwards.

In our over enthusiastic efforts to shortcut and create more efficiency in our lives, we are essentially cutting out everything that is important that keeps us grounded, and connected to one another and our relationship with the world, both as a home on the Earth, and the global family we were intended to be.


Lori Suzanne Holetz lives in a redwood forest in California with her beloved twin flame, Gregory Barker. She is a Shaman Healer, mother of three, a designer/creator/writer, storyteller and dreamer… and she maintains a private healing practice. She continues to explore many creative endeavors to foster healing for the Earth. She lives by only one rule… Never harm the Great Mother, and never harm any of Her Children!

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