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that is the way it should be
by emanjah suzanne holetz (@emanjah)

I stood at the back door of Greg’s mother’s guesthouse. As I had opened the door, a gentle wave of hot air hit me in extreme contrast to the perfectly air conditioned interior. I really did not know which I preferred, I was still working on adjusting to the two extremes, the both of which, I had never really experienced living in for much longer than a week or so. All I knew was that I could never possibly live in this heat…. and it seemed to be getting hotter all the time, all over the globe. Because it was!

Everyone does their best to cope, to just get by and make the best of a situation that no one really has the faintest idea about how to reverse or better yet, solve completely. Part of the problem is that we have all lost hope, the ability to cope, with the great wisdom of the very Mother we are all dancing upon daily. We have all stopped listening and really hearing, looking and really seeing. This mini epiphany hit me in much the same way the hot blast of air did… and it all made sense, perfectly, in this beautiful setting as the morning light filtered down through the trees from a cloud laced sky. And that, is the way it should be!

This is what Greg had asked for, this very morning….as he busied himself getting ready for the much anticipated round of golf with his brother, Tony and his step father Rudy who had been so amazing in embracing the two boys. “It’s going to be 101 degrees today, pray for clouds!” I smiled as I looked up to the sky, standing on the threshold of the back door, exactly mid-way between the coolness and the hot, the dark interior and the bright, sunlit out of doors, asking my silent prayer. Spirit was alive and very well in my world and I smiled as tears welled up in my eyes at the simplistic joy of it all. This indeed, had so far been a most extraordinary journey! And I was loving every minute of it…. made only the more sweet to have him beside me this time. That is what I had prayed and hoped for the last time I had journeyed to the Hopi Reservation…. and as usual, the Great Spirits had answered my prayers…. in ways even more surprising and wonderful than I could have ever imagined. And the coolness did come that day for golf! It was noticeably strange how every one of my wishes had come true on this journey the week of my fiftieth birthday. If Spirit was not alive and well, then who was creating all my dreams and wishes come true?!

So I stood in the doorway, and then ever so mindfully and gently, I stepped forward into the moist heat of the morning to say a quick prayer of intention and thanks to all the spirits I could see flitting around the grounds. I had seen them here “en mass” since I had arrived, and now that I had a moment by myself, I thought I would share this moment with them!

This strange ancient language I had been gifted with my first trip to Hopi, I spoke so easily now. I had practiced it so often that it flowed out without a thought. That was part of it too…. I rather began to see that what in reality was happening was that I was channeling others from the other side. I had freely given certain beings permission to speak through me at their will… not always mine. Thus, I seemed to walk with many, although I appeared alone. I had been actively practicing to listen more…. to them, to others, without judgment because it was not about me! Most of the time it was not about me… I only had to stop and take a moment to remember this. That made all the difference in the world in my perspective…. of everything! So, this morning, I stopped again to look to see what I would see, to listen to what I might hear…. and to speak what I could feel in my heart and give thanks in humility and gratitude for the blessing of the life I have… for it is quite extraordinary when I pause to see it. And that is the way it should be….. everyday!


Lori Suzanne Holetz lives in a redwood forest in California with her beloved twin flame, Gregory Barker. She is a Shaman Healer, mother of three, a designer/creator/writer, storyteller and dreamer… and she maintains a private healing practice. She continues to explore many creative endeavors to foster healing for the Earth. She lives by only one rule… Never harm the Great Mother, and never harm any of Her Children!

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