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the enigma without end
or how i learned to love hey lady sup
by jeremy s roach

In wake of the explosion on the internet of the websites devoted to rating people on their looks (amihotornot.com/ hotnessrating.com/ amigeekornot.com/ amiallyourbaseornot.com) I believe I have stumbled onto the next big thing.

But before I adress that, let me tell you I am a sucker for any television cooking/exercise equipment ad I see on UPN on a sunday afternoon (usually a Ronco product) or something late night that airs in between an up all night episode (tm) with Rhonda on the USA network (tm). I have a whole cabinent full of sandwich makers, juicers, dehydrators, abrollers, pastamakers, abslides, monster ballads. You name it I buy it. With that said, I have bought into the hype surrounding these websites. Especially that whole thing with that new invention (IT, Ginger) that supposively is going to revolutionize the world as we know it. Turns out it just a scooter with a gyroscope (that is so 1970s). Anyhow....

This new thing I have found is called amiheyladysupornot. Huh you ask. Check it out yourself Hey Lady, Sup . Apparently this guy is some sort of pimp or something. His legend is growing across the internet. Nobody really knows who he is, or what he does. As far as I know, he may just be some conjured up story by some bored hacker who was off his gord one night. In any case, there are tshirts of this guy, all with the moniker of Hey Lady, Sup.

I wore this shirt while in Nawlins for Mardi Gras a little over a month ago. And no joke, I had about 25 girls as me who was this enigma. And what was hey lady sup. I simply responded with, the biggest pimp this side of the mississippi (at which point I realized, what side of the mississippi was I on?). In any case, they got the point. The next day I ran into a girl who I had seen ona balcony with me the night before. She remembered me as the Hey Lady, Sup guy. The legend was growing. Instead of yelling out SHOW YOUR TITS like every other frat guy there, I used HEY LADY, SUP. And low and behold, it worked. I came home with more beads and stories than one could imagine. And all because of this Hey Lady, Sup guy on this tshirt. I'm telling you folks, this is the next big thing. When trying to find that special someone, or perhaps when just lonely and looking for love, go with Hey Lady, Sup . It works like a charm.

Or at least until next week when the next new thing comes around.


I am a popculture geek. Eagerly await my entertainment weekly on fridays. Spend most of my time looking up music/movie updates on the internet. Lover of all things 80s. I also enjoy bowling and softball. Hey Lady, Sup.

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dan romero
4.6.01 @ 1:00a

Hey Lady, Sup? After reading this article, it is official. I must have this shirt... I will find one... if I don't I will make one myself. Hey Lady, Sup? O U T dan

dustin beckley
4.6.01 @ 1:33a

A fascinating article. Well written and insightful. Where can I find out more about Hey Lady, Sup?

mj c
3.4.04 @ 2:55p

uuhhh yeah.
Hey Lady, Sup is cool.....


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